Richfeel Cutishine Hair Repair Review



Rs. 650/- for 60 ml.

Product Description:

The Richfeel Hair Repair untangles and instantly enhances the texture of your hair.

  • Benefits : It gives shine and smooth texture to your hair.

Method of Use:

Apply 3-4 drops on wet hair.


My Take on Richfeel Cutishine Hair Repair:

Girls with rough, dry hair that tangles easily are always on the lookout for “detangling” serums. I do, and have tried most of them and currently alternate between TBS Grapeseed serum and this. This product used to earlier come in 7 ml bottles in a pack of six, and they were a pain to use. Richfeel has recently re-packaged everything and have made this serum available in a convenient 60 ml single bottle, but look at the price, it is pricey than TBS! Anyway, in the clinic after any hair treatment, they use this serum and I used to like how my fair felt afterwards, so bought this bottle to try.

I read the ingredient list and though it sounded scary, I still bought it. Also, Richfeel never mentions complete ingredient list. I hate that. I came home and researched a bit and found the scary list was all types of silicones commonly used in cosmetics and hair care. You can read more about cyclomethicone on the web.  So, it was nice to know that they evaporate quickly, for us consumers that roughly means – no product buildup.

I apply this after shampoo+conditioning and when my hair is semi-dry. It detangles my hair with super ease. No fighting with my hair. The serum is colourless, very light in texture and has a nice fragrance. It adds shine to my hair and my hair feels soft – better be, because the main ingredient is silicone!

Richfeel Hair Repair

The effect lasts for an entire day.  Next day, my hair tangles a bit again, but they are not weighed down or look flat and dull. So, I apply this almost every day if I don’t want to fight too much with my tangled hair. Yes, on dry hair too, this works just fine. To be honest, my hair likes it better than TBS,but somehow I can’t get over the fact that it is so chemical-y.

Pros of Richfeel Cutishine Hair Repair:

  • De-tangles the hair with ease!
  • Adds shine.
  • Makes hair soft.
  • Very little is required.
  • Doesn’t weigh down my hair.

Cons of Richfeel Cutishine Hair Repair:

  • Scary sounding ingredients.
  • Pricey.
  • Available only at Richfeel clinic and only if you are a patient!

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7 thoughts on “Richfeel Cutishine Hair Repair Review

    1. Ya. Its worked well second time for me now. But they wont give anything unless you are a client. I mean the tablets which are damn good.

      1. Jomol….yes they do have many products for hairfall …U need to check dem out in a Richfeel Store/..Clinic….I had used Richfeel Brahmi hair pack ….you can cal it hair Spa therapy too…this product conditioned my hair,made it smooth, controlled dandruff till some also leaves some brahmi fragrance behind,dats until the second wash…:(

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