VLCC Natural Sciences Skin Defense Melia Face Wash Review

VLCC Natural Sciences Skin Defense Melia Face Wash

Hello ladies! I am back with another face wash review. Today I am going to review VLCC Natural Sciences Skin Defense Melia Face Wash
VLCC Natural Sciences Skin Defense Melia Face Wash
Product Description:
VLCC Natural Sciences Skin Defense Melia Face Wash for Normal to Oily Skin
Daily cleanser for healthy and unclogged pores
Melia Face Wash cleanses face gently and effectively, without excessively drying the skin. It offers protection against acne as well as controls sebum in your skin.

Method of Use:
Apply small amount of cleanser on moist face and neck. Massage gently with your fingertips and rinse thoroughly.
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For Best Results:
Use twice daily. Follow the cleanser with Lavang Moisturiser for soft moisturised skin.

Key Ingredients:
Extracts of Margosa bark ( Melia Azadirachta ) 2 % , Cucumber ( Cucumis Sativus ) 1%, Alove vera ( Aloe Indica ) 3 %, Soap pods ( Acacia Concinna ) 3 %, Orange peel ( Citrus Aurantium ) 1%, Sandalwood ( Santalum Album ) 0.5%, Chamolile oil (Anthemis Nobilis ) 0.3% , Honey 2 %. Cleaner Base 0.S

Price and Quantity:
Rs.115 for 100 ml

It comes in an opaque beiger color bottle. The packaging looks absolutely boring but is good otherwise, i.e, it is leak proof and hence travel friendly. Having said that you need to be careful while pouring the face wash as the opening is quite big and the face wash is quite runny so you make take more face wash than needed.


My Take on VLCC Natural Sciences Skin Defense Melia Face Wash for Normal to Oily Skin:

I was hunting for a good face wash for summers. Although I am quite fixed with the Fash Face wash which I have reviewed here earlier. I thought that I should try a milder and natural face wash since my skin was not as bad as it was last summer.
I was checking the VLCC range and found this face wash. Although I didn’t know what Melia actually was I decided to go for it looking at it’s claims and key ingredients.
I used this all throughout the month of May when the weather was really humid here. I was quite satisfied with the results
It cleanses my face well. Removes the oil on my face without making my face dry. I did get one or two pimples during summers and inspite of me not using anything else to cure them the pimples they did subside. I was just using this face wash regularly. It keeps my face oil free for about 2 hours during the daytime if I don’t apply anything after using the face wash.
I usually get acne during summers but this time around I didn’t and it could be because of this facewash.
I haven’t tried the tried the Lavang moisturiser as they have prescribed so can’t comment how it feels after following it with the Lavang moisturiser.
It has a bit runny texture but lathers well.
Coming to the fragrance. It has a distinct natural fragrance but it is good. I can bear the fragrance of herbs in my personal care products they don’t bother me much, but those who don’t like heavy fragrances may not like this fragrance.

So summing it up :
It is an overall good and affordable face wash. It did subside my pimples and prevent face from acne. Felt really natural and cleanses the face very well.

Rating: Good

Will I buy this again: May be I will if I need a milder natural face wash again.

Thanks everyone for reading 🙂

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    1. Arja even I am hunting for a good cleanser that would wipe off all makeup at one go especially eye makeup.. do let me know if you find one..

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