VOV Lipstick Peach Plum Review

VOV Lipstick Peach Plum

Hi everybody…

Well, I said in the last post that it was my last VOV lipstick, but I am sorry I bought more two days back. 😉 The person at the cosmetic shop makes me go greedy you know. He showed me some awesome shades this time too and I could not resist picking them up. Though the shades I have bought this time are not regular shades for me, they are bold, but I may wear them on some special occasions or I may transfer them to my marriage cosmetic kit (my marriage is not taking place till two years 😛 ) Actually we girls never think of what we are going to do with the thing, since I liked it I had to have it. 😛

VOV Lipstick Peach Plum

Ok, scroll down to know more on my experience with this lipstick.

Price: INR 210 for 4.2 grams


castor oil, candelilla wax, lanolin, carnoba wax, bees wax, petroleum jelly, propyl paraben, BHT, vitamin E.
I was happy to see that they have mentioned the ingredients on this range unlike the previous range from which I reviewed.

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VOV LIpstick

My experience with VOV Lipstick Peach Plum:

This range comes in a better packaging which is more attractive than the previous one. It is a transparent glass see through packaging and is really cute. This is not as fragile as you may think it is. It is a thick sturdy packaging with a tight click lock. It is travel friendly and wouldn’t be damaged at all in your handbag unless you are carrying it out in 45 degree temperature 😛 Seriously, any lipstick would melt if taken out in day time especially in north India.

VOV Lipstick Peach Plum (2)

Coming to the shade, I would describe it as peachy red. The name says peachy plum though but I do not find it similar to a plum anyway. I love this shade as it lifts up my face and makes it appear more bright and fair. Red shades always do that but this is special because it has peach/pink undertones to it. Married women-this shade will be a treat for you. For me, it is an occasion wear treasure shade. A single swipe is enough for the color to show up fully. If you layer it on, it would bleed a little.

VOV Lipstick Peach Plum (4)

The lipstick is very smooth to apply and it glides without dragging at all, true to its name. The freshly applied lipstick has a buttery sheen on the lips and it turns to a matte look without being extra dry on the lips. No matter how long you wear it, it would never give you that driest dry feeling that most long staying lipsticks give. It stayed on me for good 6 hours surviving a meal and numerous water sips. It transfers a little but does not fade off from the lips.

VOV Lipstick Peach Plum (5)

Now, when you purposely sniff the bullet closely, it would remind you of a vanilla ice-cream but otherwise I did not notice any smell while applying. The previous range I reviewed did not give off any smell even when sniffed closely. I would still prefer this range since it is definitely better quality wise than the previous range. The price is also fair.

VOV Lipstick Peach Plum (5)


VOV Lipstick Peach Plum (7)

One more thing to mention is that if you do not keep this lipstick in a cool shady place or preferably a fridge then it might sweat like humans. 😛 I mean minute droplets form on its surface if kept in hot environment which shows it is on the verge of melting. I think it is true for every lipstick in summers.

VOV Lipstick Peach Plum  swatches (2)


VOV Lipstick Peach Plum  swatches

Pros of VOV Lipstick Peach Plum :

• Cute transparent glass packaging.
• Pretty shade.
• Long staying.
• Brightens up your face.
• Travel friendly.
• Decent price.

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Cons of VOV Lipstick Peach Plum :

• Availability.
• Contains paraben.

Repurchase/ recommendation:

Yes I would recommend you all to buy this shade. For me, this one would go a long way.

IMBB rating:


Until next time, take care!

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20 thoughts on “VOV Lipstick Peach Plum Review

  1. The shade is soooo damn pretty looking Sahiba *woot* *whistle* lovely lotd and superb pick *happy dance*

  2. wow *woot* *woot* wat a shade yaar and really looking awesome on u *clap* *clap* i tried a lot to get ur last reviewed lipstick *ghost* *hunterwali* but didn’t get can u tell me where in delhi i can find it…. *jalwa*

    1. hi parvi.. thanx a lot… one shop in delhi is impressions in karol bagh… another option to find out is – search for cosmetic sellers around your area in delhi at justdial, call them and ask if they have vov lipsticks… 🙂

  3. wow, very pretty Sahiba, next time I visit my mom’s place in Ambala, I will have to go to chd to pick VOV stuff, I think you told in one of your posts that you pick vov from chd only.. *haan ji*

  4. OMG, did u say karnal, which shop?? my in laws are in Karnal, I will pick loads on my next visit… *pompom* *pompom*

    1. hey shilpi thankuu… han?? where do you live abi??? the shop’s name is Sham palace cosmetic store. It is the most famous cosmetic store in karnal… *hifive*

  5. Nice matt shade .. I hope this is easily available .. Will have to hunt fr it .. Like the packaging as its easier to spot the shades *happydance* .. Good review and wonderful pics *whistle*

  6. vow.. another winner.. we get lots of vov stuff here in mumbai bt sumtimes cnt tell which is fake and which is real…good review and gorgeous color Sahiba *clap* *clap*

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