VOV Nail Colours and Perfumed Nail Cleanser Review

VOV Nail colours and perfumed nail cleanser review

VOV Nail Colours

To be honest, I had not heard of this brand till recently. And I would have never given these nail colours a second look, had they not been on offer. The store had a buy two get one free offer. And being priced at Rs 45 per bottle, this seemed like a good offer. So I picked up six colours for Rs 180.
Five of the six colours I picked up. One has been “borrowed” by my sister.

VOV Nail COlours
VOV Nail COlours

These nail colours come in a variety of cutely shaped bottles and a lot of colours. But in comparison with higher end brands, the lasting power is low. They colour starts to chip in a few days. And they have a weird consistency, it starts get sticky and I have to add nail polish remover to dilute it. But for the price one cannot expect too much. If you want to pick a colour that you would not wear more than twice , but do not want to spend a lot, this brand is my recommendation. But use a good quality base coat!
Now for a break down:

Pros of VOV Nail Paints

  • • Super cheap
  • • Always on offer. I don’t know if the offer is from the company or the store. Either way good for the customers ☺
  • • Available in a lot of fun colours. They have the usual maroons, reds, and pinks to even some wild ones like yellow!

Cons of VOV Nail Paints

  • • Quality is not very great
  • • Chips easily
  • • None of the colours have names. So if you want to re-purchase a colour, it is quite a task.
  • • A couple of the darker colours stained my nails. This was when I was too lazy to apply a base coat.

Will I repurchase? – Once/twice use colours yes but definitely not my regular use colours.

Perfumed nail cleanser

Again I ended up picking up this brand solely because the store was out of my regular brand. When SA showed it to me, I was very fascinated by the terminology “perfumed nail cleanser”. I have never seen a nail polish remover called “cleanser” and further more this was perfumed! They come in a variety of fragrances. The store has three types- Apple, Strawberry and Lemon. I picked up the apple and lemon.
The apple has a nice mild fragrance while the lemon was rather overpowering in my opinion. Though I still cannot figure out why a nail polish remover/Cleanser should have a fragrance. If you are going to paint your nails soon after removing the old polish, it sort of defeats the purpose. Anyway I find the concept cute!
Priced at Rs 25, this nail cleanser is priced damn reasonably. Since it was quite cheap I actually had doubts if it would work well. But to my pleasant surprise the product did a good job. I managed to remove light colours with a single swipe and dark colours with two swipes. It also did not dry up my nails, like some varnishes tend to do.

  • • Reasonably priced
  • • The apple fragranced one has a nice mild smell. Though there is no real advantage here.
  • • Does a pretty good job of removing colour
  • • I like the packaging ☺
  • • Does not dry nails


  • Except that the lemon fragranced one sucks, I can’t think of any cons. Well may be having a website in English would also be useful for international customers.

Will I repurchase? Yes why not!

Pefumed Nail Paint Remover
Pefumed Nail Paint Remover

The perfumed nail cleansers in Lemon and Apple

After having tried two of their products, I am quite intrigued by this brand. The SA showed me some lip glosses from the same brand. Just like their nail colours, they had a decent range of shades in a reasonable price bracket. Unfortunately they didn’t have any testers at that time so I didn’t want to take a risk.
I have been trying to read up on this brand and haven’t seen too many reviews. Moreover their website is predominantly not in English. So there is not too much information. While the website seems to be in Russian, I saw some information on the net that says the company is Korean. So I am a little confused as to origins of this company

My VOV Collection
My VOV Collection

However you can check out their entire collection here: http://myvov.ru/goods/vov.asp

Have you tried any of VOV’s products?

They have a big range of make up, skin care perfumes and also a men’s range. I am not sure how many products are available in India though.

Foot note to all the ladies who were in shock that I purchased an Oriflame product over the counter: I had purchased the nail cleansers from the same store, and this time I noticed that they sell an entire range of Oriflame products! Now I am wondering if Oriflame has started over the counter selling or if this is an exception?


44 thoughts on “VOV Nail Colours and Perfumed Nail Cleanser Review

  1. hey i liked the nail poloish remover a lot. quite a new concept na never heared of perfumed remover…

    Came across this brand, the SA showed me lipsticks bt as i was not sure of the brand i didn’t pick up.. :-/ now iknow where to look for those nail cleaner.. :laugh:

  2. yups i hav plenty VOV nail polishes… some of them are good … some of them r PATHETIC .. starts to chip off the very next day u apply it …. i have the lemon nail cleanser too .. and yups UR RIGHT THE SMELL IS JUST ________________ !!! no comments… heheheh 😀

  3. hi,

    VOV has some funky and chirpy colors !!!!but havent come across the cleanser though…yes i also saw a whole counter of Oriflame products in Guwahati too…. think they have started wid this new concept…. :-))

  4. oh i saw the pink remover here the other day
    she said its for 20 rs…so i passed it and bot lakme…
    but now i will …thanks to u :-*

    and i also picked up 5 nail colors :-* ….here they are 30 each ?:-)
    and i found them fantastic for the size and qualtiy
    they have numbers on them…but i love those shades …all our pinks
    i used to think vov is chinese but they do give something for throwaway price

  5. oh and another thing
    the shop i got to also displays a lotts avon and oriflame products
    but she says these have been ordered and she also has brochures for us to order
    i dont think this is allowed but she always have oriflame products on discount which is great

  6. yups yups have lots of VOV nail polishes .. some of em are good and some of em r cheap dirty quality ..they start to chip off the very next day u apply em . . . WASTE OF MONEY !!
    have that lemon nail cleanser too … have to admit i HATE THE SMELL OF THAT THING… hehehe.. but the cleanser is functional n good .. ll try d apple one later maybe . . . hehehehe :-))

  7. I have a VOV eyeshadow palette , which I never ever use. Even for trial purposes I just don’t feel like using it. Have seen VOV nail paints here in stores but never checked them out. Guess I must take a look at these now.

    Awww!! the cleanser bottles are so cute. 🙂

  8. Hey, I recently bought VOV nail polishes too and while I was trying to pick a royal blue shade, my sister and bro-in-law sniggered and I had to put it back….but they were priced just around 25 I think…..I picked up three different colors and as you said, they are not lasting at all, they came off in just two days without the top coat………. 🙁

  9. i have tried these in green purple blue and different yellows. i got them for around Rs 20.. 😛
    these don’t stay long, true.. but for me these start fading away after 2 days of wear.. eventually its a whitish colour left..

  10. I too recently spotted VOV nail colours…a huge variety in 3 different shapes of bottles. One type was for 40, another for 45 and the third for around 60 or so. They had some lovely pastel shades as well as some Inglot dupes. But somehow, I could never bring myself to try them.

    The remover sounds good though..

  11. hey!
    i bought neon green, blue, yellow and orange shades of vov nail paints for 10 bucks each!!! they were teeny bottles, but these aren’t colours one uses that often anyway 🙂 stained my nails way too much though. their single/mono eye shadows are not bad – wide range of colours available at about 80/85 bucks a pop. good if you need to match eye shadow to a particular outfit. vov is a sort of hit and miss brand, but can’t expect more for their prices, i guess.

  12. yup i too have loads of vov shades.some of them r wild n some r sober but really like them.but really confused bout their prices different shaped bottles r of diffrent price ?:)

  13. now the VOV polish cleanser comes ‘acetone free’…. i have tried the lemon,apple and strawberry fragrances one..yet to try the grapes fragrance one. yes!! this one is their new launch!! So,that is my next pick. I’m using these cleansers for last one year and I’m truly satisfied given its ‘easy-on-pocket’ factor. 🙂 🙂 and moisturizing effect.

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