VOV Eyeliner Pen Review

VOV Eyeliner Pen Review

Hi Everyone,

Today, I shall be reviewing the eyeliner pen by VOV.  I was actually pushed into buying it by the SA.

VOV Eyeliner Pen Review

I had wanted to buy the Lakme Eye Artist, but since that was not available, so the pushy SA tricked me into buying this one. Not that I have any complaints as such with the product, but I avoid Japenese, Korean and Chinese products (no offences to anyone, just a personal choice). Let us take a detailed review of the same.

Product Being Reviewed:

VOV Eyeliner Pen.

Shade: Jet Black.

VOV Eyeliner Pen

Ingredients/ Manufacturing date/Expiry Date:

Not mentioned anywhere (one of the main reasons why I avoid this brand).


INR 155 (not mentioned again, this is the price for which I got it), comes as a sleek pen-like plastic bodied eyeliner pen which has a felt tip in the front and a tight cap at the top. It is a neat, no-nonsense packaging which is good for such an eyeliner pen.

VOV Eyeliner Pen

My Take on VOV Eyeliner Pen:

Though I fell in the trap of one of the marketing gimmicks and bought this one impulsively, I do not regret this purchase at all. Because of the felt tip applicator, the application of this eyeliner pen is very easy. I can conveniently draw thin and thick lines alike, it dries off within a few seconds of application. Also, once applied, this liner stays on for a good 4-5 hours after which it starts to fade a bit. It does not smudge. One thing I noticed was that when I applied it on the waterline, my eyes started itching which means it is not to be used on the waterline. Coming to the colour, one stroke will not give you a jet black finish, but 2-3 swipes shall give you a dark black colour. Again, it is not highly pigmented. It is also not waterproof as I had kept my hand under running water to test the efficacy and it smeared.

VOV Eyeliner Pen

Summing the pros and cons:

VOV Eyeliner Pen

Pros of VOV Eyeliner Pen:

  • Felt tip applicator, makes it easy to be used.
  • Reasonably priced, value for money.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Does not smudge for 4-5 hours.
  • Easy to draw even thin lines for winged eye liner.

Cons of VOV Eyeliner Pen:

  • No mention of the ingredients (quite scary, I would not want to put anything and everything on my eyes).
  • It is not waterproof.
  • Stings the waterline, not safe to be used there.
  • Not the blackest black, i.e., not highly pigmented.
Will I Repurchase VOV Eyeliner Pen?
No, I will not, I would get the Lakme Eye Artist next.

Do I Recommend VOV Eyeliner Pen?

Yes, it may be recommended. It is a budget buy. Good for makeup beginners or college-going girls who are often on the look out for reasonably priced makeup products.

IMBB Rating:

3.5 out of 5

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30 thoughts on “VOV Eyeliner Pen Review

  1. hi shivani.. nice review.. 🙂 it seems a good budget buy..:)
    i have used lakme eye artist.. thats good too but not at all waterproof..:) other than thats lakme is just perfect.:)

  2. shivani generally liquid eyeliners are not recommended to be used on the waterline. Guess for a little more price you can get a better liner in maybelline or lakme . 😐

    1. ya honey, i had gone to buy lakme one only but pushy SA ki baton mei akae ye le aayi 🙁 n i used it on the waterline to test its efficacy for this review purpose 😀 otherwise i generally dont put liquid liners on the waterline

  3. Oh..Even I had bought one long back VOV ka….it was thinner and packaging was blue-gray! But it was for 175/- or something , and it was so watery and kept disappearing! 🙁
    This one sounds better 🙂 🙂 Great Review 🙂

    1. u never know Riti ki wo dupe tha ya ye dupe hai :0 kuch mention to hai nahi pack pe, it may be duplicate as well who knows….thanks 🙂

  4. i’ve used this one… got it for 100bucks after bargaining 😛
    i find this eyeliner pretty decent and good for daily use…!

    P.S. i love ur nails!

  5. i dont know if its just me but i dont find felt tip easy or convenient, also since m still not a pro in applying liners quick drying becomes a con for me 🙂
    nice review !! great nails 🙂

    1. Felt tips are very convenient rashmi, since u r a beginner i wud advice you to use gel eye liner, very precise application. 🙂 n thanks for the compliment dear 🙂

  6. do try the NYX Felt tip eyeliner and you will like it very much. slightly more expensive though around in the 300 bucks range but i bought it recently and love it. I had also bought the MAC gel eyeliner so was looking for an alternative when that got over but got tempted and bought this anyways way before that got over 🙂 and now all I use is this and the colorbar liquid eyeliner. The colorbar kohl works well on the waterline..

  7. i bought this one..and tried…and it really dark..and stays for long time..and i bought it for Rs 150/- intially when i applied on my eye lids i felt an ichy -burining senstaion but within 3 secnds it was gone..may b i have sensitive skin that would b the reason…i am lakme liquid eye liner user…i am just loving this one..and its locally available..do give it a try…atleast you wont regret spending on it 🙂

  8. I bought it for 180……as there was no price mentioned’ it is easier for a shopkeeper to make buyers fool…it is not at all appropriate for oily skin.as it keeps on melting even with a little perspiration……I am not going to buy this again,neither i recommend it for othrs….. *grrr*

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