Watsons Revitalising Milk Protein Treatment Wax Review

Skin type: Medium fair, warm undertones

Hello peeps,
I have wanted to try this hair wax from Watsons from a long time and finally I have got one for me. Today’s review is all about Watsons Revitalising Milk Protein Treatment Wax. Keep reading to know how it fared for me.

Watsons Revitalising Milk Protein Treatment Wax Review

Price and Quantity: 249 PHP or 370 INR approx. for 500 ml



Usage: After shampooing, towel dry hair to remove excess water. Massage a generous amount of treatment wax onto wet hair. Leave for 5-10 minutes then rinse thoroughly. For optimal results, use after shampooing with Watsons Milk Protein Treatment Shampoo.
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

My Experience with Watsons Revitalising Milk Protein Treatment Wax:


Let’s start with the packaging of the product. All the Watsons products come in a simple yet useful packaging. I do not find any flaws in their packaging except for the fact that these are really bulky and difficult to carry around. This product comes in a huge plastic jar packaging. The hair wax comes in a clear plastic jar. The jar has a label wrapped all around it, that bears each and every necessary information about the product. The jar has a typical flip top lid that shuts tightly. The large mouth helps to take out the product easily as the formula is kind of waxy and slips off sometimes while taking it out. Overall, I like the packaging but it is very bulky and difficult to carry around.


The hair wax is basically a hair mask that can be used in place of your conditioner and gives far better results than a conditioner. I had actually ditched my conditioner ever since I had discovered this treatment wax from Watsons. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and it has made my hair really good. The wax is pure pearly white in color. The consistency of this treatment wax is thick and it feels kind of hydrophobic like a candle wax. The thick consistency prevents product wastage. It spreads nicely on the hair but I need a good amount for my hair. The wax has very refreshing flowery scent, that instantly give a calming sensation. I really love and enjoy its smell.


I apply this after regular shampooing, massage it thoroughly. I leave it for some 10-15 minutes as suggested. Leaving it for some 2-3 minutes will not work, so you need to do the same what is given in usage instructions. Then, I wash it off with plain water. It easily washes off without leaving any residue behind. Once it washes off completely, I love that intense softness in my hair. My hair becomes super soft. Therefore, I could not resist them touching every now and then. My hair was slightly damaged due to heat styling tools and I have noticed that my hair is better than before, just with a few uses. It makes my hair soft, smooth, shiny and tangle free.


These results last for some 3 days or so. Hence, I prefer using it twice a week. I also loved the fact that, this product does not weight down the hair nor it make them greasy, even if you apply a little more product than required. My hair looks nice and bouncy. It helps to control frizz upto some extent. Overall, I just love this treatment wax from Watsons.


Pros of Watsons Revitalising Milk Protein Treatment Wax:

• Good packaging.
• Easy to use.
• Refreshing smell.
• Thick consistency.
• Spreads easily.
• Easy to wash off.
• Makes hair soft, smooth and shiny.
• Keeps hair tangle free.
• Helps to tame the frizz upto some extent.
• Does not weigh down the hair.
• Nourishes the hair and makes them manageable.
• Effects lasts for some 3 days.
• Hair look nice and bouncy.

Cons of Watsons Revitalising Milk Protein Treatment Wax:

• Actually, none but still a huge bulky packaging might be considered as a con

IMBB Rating: 5/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Watsons Revitalising Milk Protein Treatment Wax?
Definitely, yes! I love it.

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    1. Totally agree with you Neha, I am currently trying lots of skin & hair care products from them. These hair masks turned out to be the best of all.

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