Watsons Whitening and Moisturising Face Mask Review

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I have a weird habit of obsessing over sheet masks when I am back from a long travel, as I am a bit lazy for regular masks. Since this time I picked a lot of sheet masks, I am religiously using them and finding my skin being pampered and very relaxed. Today, I have the review on Watsons Whitening and Moisturising Facial Mask with Camu Camu Fruit Extract. I think early last year, Watsons came out with a whole new range of masks. I picked this mask only because I wanted to try all their variants and not because I endorse skin-whitening products.
Watsons Whitening and Moisturising Face Mask

RM 6.90

Storage period:
3 years.

Product Description:  The mask is specially formulated with Camu Camu fruit extract, which is one of the most potent superfruits with wonderful antioxidant properties. It works with Vitamin B3 to help protect your skin from environmental damage as well as improving the appearance of uneven skin tones. The delicately made mask helps brighten and moisturise your skin.

My Experience with Watsons Whitening and Moisturising Face Mask:

Packaging: Watsons has come up with a new glossy, color-coded, water-colored style packaging matching their core ingredient for their new range of masks. It indeed gives their packaging a fresh look. This “Whitening and Moisturising Facial Mask with Camu Camu Fruit Extract” comes in a baby pink packaging with the picture of camu camu fruits. It contains one white sheet mask soaked with lots of transparent essence, and it is a single-use pouch. Its sleek packaging makes it so travel friendly.
Details at the back

The sheet is soft but slightly thick and heavy. Surprisingly, there was a protective sheet stuck all over the sheet mask, but I find removing the flimsy protective sheet messy as the essence got all over my fingers. Although this sheet mask is made in Korea, all the information (including the ingredients list) was in English.
Sheet mask

Texture: The texture of the serum in the sheet is not liquid(y), but sticky. It was such a mess to fix the soggy sheet on the face. Although the essence did not drip, the sheet was slippery. Moreover, the sheet did not fit my face properly, and I had a hard time positioning it on my face. The leftover serum in the sachet could also be rubbed into the skin, thus there was no wastage. It smells like berries and was amazing. The key ingredients are mostly fruit extracts.
Sheet face pack

Performance: This sheet mask was not so easy to use. It took some time to adjust the mask to fit my face properly. On that whole adjusting process, a part of the mask came into contact with my eyes. Luckily, I felt only a slight tingling effect rather than itching or irritation (by the way, I do not have sensitive eyes). I have to be really careful next time. I also do not quite like how the sheet is thick. Lying flat with this mask on is advisable as the mask tends to move and is slippery.  So, I prefer to use such masks at night before retiring for the day. All this mess is because of the 30 ml essence present in a single sheet. It may feel too much, but that quantity is required to provide the results as claimed.

I did feel a cooling sensation on my face and relaxed the moment I slipped the mask on my skin. Then, the essence got absorbed into my skin. The mask almost dried up in 30 minutes. I applied the excess essence in the sachet on my neck and again on the face. The essence left my skin coated and sticky. The next morning, my face looked bright and shiny. After washing, my skin felt smooth, radiant, and well moisturized. I do not believe in the whitening claim, so I least expected anything about it, but I noticed that my skin was a lot brighter and glowing. My skin looked revived and had a kind of dewy finish. It made my T-zone a bit oily, so I wonder if this mask would work for oily skin. It did improve the appearance of unevenness on my skin. I was so glad when I saw my sun-kissed forehead quite even to the rest of my face. The effect lasted for 3–4 days. Overall, I am really in love with this mask from Watsons.

Pros of Watsons Whitening and Moisturising Face Mask:

  • Smells amazing.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Provides brighter and glowing skin.
  • Skin feels smooth, radiant, and well moisturized.
  • Revives skin dullness.
  • Improved unevenness of skin tone.
  • Effect lasts for 3–4 days.
  • Affordable price.
  • Has quite a lot of essence.
  • True to its claims.

Cons of Watsons Whitening and Moisturising Face Mask:

  • Thick and sticky consistency.
  • Removing the protective sheet is quite messy.
  • Does not fit well.
  • Sheet is slippery.
  • Availability.
  • Feels a little oily.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Watsons Whitening and Moisturising Face Mask?

Yes, it is worth trying this mask for the price it comes for!

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