7 Ways to Reduce Body Pain After the First Day of Gym



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I am back with another post! Today, we would be talking about ways to reduce body pain after the first day of the gym. Raise your hand if you are a gym rat but have a difficult time dealing with body pain after the gymming session. Feeling achy after an extensive workout is one among the common problems every gym goer suffers from. Inflammation, muscle soreness, and body aches can be intense if you have recently started going to the gym. The pain is particularly so bad that you aren’t able to walk, sit or even run comfortably.

Running injury leg accident- sport woman runner hurting holding painful sprained ankle in pain. Female athlete with joint or muscle soreness and problem feeling ache in her lower body.

Well, here we mention few easy ways to reduce body pain after the first day of the gym.

1. Using ice pack

woman putting an ice pack on her elbow pain

Using ice pack is an incredibly easy and effective way to treat body pain just after the first day of your workout at the gym. If you observe slightly swelling on the skin with redness or feel warm, you should immediately apply ice on the inflamed area. Applying an ice pack on that body part can help to boost blood circulation, thus, relieving pain easily.

2. Warm bath

Talking warm bath is essentially important after an intensive workout. A warm bath can help to boost blood circulation in the body and also allows your body to get relaxed. If you are suffering from heavy body pain, inflammation or sore muscles, you should opt for a warm bath. Add 1-2 drops of essential oil of your choice and soak in the water for some time. This will help to give you temporary relief.

3. Stay hydrated

Young woman drinking water after jogging

Keeping your body hydrated is not only important throughout the gym session but you should also drink water after the workout. Drinking water can help to keep the water level up, further preventing blood clots in the body. A dehydrated body may worsen the condition and may also leave you with an achy body. Always carry a bottle and keep drinking after equal intervals of time to prevent dehydration.

4. Consume more of anti-inflammatory food

Your diet plays a major role in calming down your pain after a workout. There are few foods which may add inflammation to the body when consumed. You should include food which contains anti-inflammatory properties, thus, allowing the protein to build-up in the body. You should also include food that is rich in proteins as it will boost energy and also provide strength to your muscles. Include salmon, broccoli, bell peppers, grapefruit, red wine, cherries, etc. in your daily diet.

5. Proper sleep

beautiful girl sleeps in the bedroom

In order to treat body pain after the workout, it is important to take proper sleep. Sleep is extremely important for body’s recovery and, hence, every person must sleep 6-8 hours daily. While a person sleeps, oxygen flows in the body, thus, boosting blood circulation. This, in return, heals the body pain effectively. So, you should follow a routine where you need to get 6-8 hours of sleep regularly.

6. Opt for light workouts

Many people think they should not be moving or working out after the body pain, which is actually wrong. You should certainly not opt for extensive exercise but doing light exercise can keep your body moving. If you feel pain after the workout, it simply means that your muscles are getting stretched and are also getting stronger. Once the muscle gets stronger, it would be extremely easy to get rid of the lactic acid build-up from the body. So, you can do some walk, swimming or any other light workout. You can also do an easy aerobic exercise at home.

7. Body massage

Portrait of a teenage girl at body massage

Quick, easy and relaxing way to treat body pain is to opt for body massage. You should stretch your muscles as much as possible and also relax them at the same time. Massaging your body makes sure that your muscles are relaxed, thus, soothing the body. You can book an appointment in your nearest clinic or salon to opt for body massage. Body massage is helpful for your body in many ways and when it comes to reducing body pain, it is certainly a good idea.

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  1. I read the post Rima. Honestly, it feels like godsent. i joined gym after long and my body is taking a while to get used to. So these are sooo helpful. Thank you for sharing. :-* I can say so far sleep has been the most effective. but I am going to try others too 🙂

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