7 Makeup and Beauty Do’s and Don’ts For The Gym

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Today’s post is all about wearing makeup to the gym. Wearing makeup to the gym is a somewhat controversial topic of discussion. While you do want to look your best even while you’re working out, wearing makeup to the gym isn’t always the most practical thing to do. You’ll be sweating, which means that the makeup is quite likely to melt and slip away, leaving things looking smudgy and out of place. It’s also going to clog your pores, preventing your skin from breathing freely while you’re exercising. However, going bare skinned isn’t an option you’re willing to embrace. So, how do you strike a balance between looking great and being able to work out in the gym (or even in the outdoors)?

Let’s take a look at some do’s and don’ts for wearing makeup to the gym.

1. Never skip the primer:

We’ve heard before that it’s a ‘crime not to prime’, but this probably holds true even more when you’re wearing makeup to the gym. Whatever you choose to wear in terms of base, your primer will act as a barrier between that and your skin. So, when you’re sweating and looking greasy, your face makeup is still going to hold strong, all thanks to your primer.


2. Skip the foundation:

Wearing foundation (which is often heavy in terms of both texture and coverage) to the gym is typically a bad idea. Not only will it look unnatural, it will make your skin feel extremely uncomfortable once you start exercising. Instead of foundation, opt for something like a lightweight BB cream or CC cream. These will provide you with the coverage that you need and will even out your skin tone without feeling heavy at all.

3. Pick oil-free formulas:

When selecting your base product—whether it’s a BB cream, CC cream or a tinted moisturizer, you want to make sure that you’re avoiding everything that can make you look greasy and shiny. Don’t go for those super dewy finishes in products. Instead, look out for labels like “oil-free” and “demi-matte” in your base products. These are ideal for the gym.

4. Opt for waterproof formulas:

Don’t go too heavy on products like eyeshadow, contour, blush or bronzer. For your lids, pick something like a waterproof cream eyeshadow like the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad To The Bronze. Lots of different brands make these all-in-one cream shadows. You can also opt for a shadow stick variant. Not only will this give your eyes depth and dimension, it will also make them look more awake. And all you’ll need is one single product that’ll do it all. If you must wear mascara, use a single coat of a waterproof product. The key, though, is to curl your lashes. Curling your lashes can make all the difference to how fresh and awake you look, even if you decide to skip the mascara!

5. Make use of tints:

We all want a hint of colour for that “flushed, rosy” look on the lips and cheeks. Now, you can’t go for super pigmented lipsticks and heavy powdery blushes because they’re going to be all over your face once you’re done with your workout! For your lips, opt for a tinted lip balm or a lightweight lip gloss. Instead of blush, take a little bit of that tinted lip balm and tap it onto the apples of your cheeks. This will give you a super-natural flushed look, which is just what you should aim for in the gym. You could also opt for the many lip and cheek tint duos available in the market.


6. Conceal as much as you want:

Once you are done with your base, eyeshadow and lip and cheek tints, you may find that your under-eye circles are still making you look dull and tired. Or you may find some scars and blemishes on your face really drawing all the attention. This is when you can go for a lightweight serum or liquid concealer for under the eyes and a full coverage concealer for spot concealing any scars or blemishes. Using concealer will give you an absolutely flawless finish. You could set your conceal with a little bit of a lightweight translucent powder.


7. Blotting sheets and setting sprays are essentials:

Finally, make sure that on the days you’re wearing makeup to the gym, you have a couple of essentials in your gym bag. Blotting sheets are among them. These will help control oil, shine and sweat and will keep your makeup looking fresh for longer. You could also keep something like a setting spray in your bag to lock your makeup in place just before you start your workout.

Since it’s the beginning of the year and fitness resolutions have been on most of our New Year resolutions lists, now is the time to make use of that gym membership while still looking your flawless best!

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