9 Ways To Promote Natural Eyelash Growth

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Hope everything is going well at your end! Today, we would be talking about ways to promote natural eyelash growth. Having long and lustrous eyelashes is a dream every woman wishes came true. Although artificial eyelashes are available in the market, it becomes very difficult to maintain them all the time. Many women have very short or almost no eyelashes which is the result of scanty eyelash growth. Here are some of the best ways promote eyelash growth naturally.

Grow thick eyelashes

1. Olive Oil Treatment:

Using olive oil is one of the most common treatments which helps boost eyelash growth naturally. Olive oil contains a lot of fatty acids and anti oxidants which encourage hair growth. In order to grow eyelashes naturally, apply some olive oil on a clean mascara wand and apply on the lashes. Leave it overnight and wash off in the morning. Repeat this process twice or thrice in a day to promote eyelash growth.

2. Green Tea:

Due to anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties found in green tea, it can help to promote natural eyelash growth. Green tea contains polyphenols which encourage hair growth. Also, it provides nutrition to the hair which boosts blood circulation thus promoting eyelash growth. Brew some green tea and allow it to cool down. Now apply the green tea on the lashes using a mascara wand. Leave it for some time and wash off with cold water.

3. Take Multivitamin Tablets:

Most of the time, a person suffers from scanty hair growth due to deficiency of vitamins in the body. Taking multivitamin tablets can help supply the right amount of vitamins to the body which results in promoting eyelash growth. Taking multi vitamin tablets can give you longer and stronger eyelashes. It also promotes hair growth and gives you healthy nails and skin as well.

4. Brushing The Lashes:

Brushing the eye lashes is another effective way to promote longer eyelashes. You should be brushing your lashes twice a day in order to distribute the oil evenly. Eyelash brushing also promotes blood circulation thus stimulating hair growth. In order to brush your lashes at home, take the mascara wand and brush the eyelash for some time. Do this for several times in order to get longer eyelashes.

5. Eyelash Serum:

You should be applying an eyelash serum in order to keep your lashes hydrated always. Also, eyelash serums contain a lot of vitamins which promote hair growth, thus giving you longer and gorgeous lashes. There is a large variety of eyelash serums available in the market, you can choose the best among them.

6. Remove Eye Makeup Every Night:

One important step that every woman should follow is always removing all makeup at night! Makeup contains chemicals which clog the pores and hampers eyelash growth. Also, it may cause eye irritation and weaken the follicle. Those who do not remove makeup before sleeping often end up dealing with eyelash fall outs.

7. Avoid Using Waterproof Mascara:

You may love using waterproof mascara because it does not melt even after coming in contact with sweat, tears or water. However, experts say that you should avoid using waterproof mascara as it is extremely difficult to remove it from the lashes. The more you strive to remove mascara from lashes, the more there are chances that your lashes will fall out.

8. Use Garlic:

Studies have shown that garlic contains active enzymes which can help to boost hair growth. Garlic is widely used to treat bald spots, which makes it show positive results in promoting eyelash growth as well. You should consider taking garlic pills which are easily available in the market. Do not apply garlic directly on the lash, as it may irritate your eyes and also leave behind a pungent smell. If needed, you can dilute garlic juice with water and then apply on the lashes.

9. Let Your Lashes Breathe:

You should prevent applying eye makeup every time as it can dry your lashes and also lead to fall outs. You should not be wearing eye liner or mascara every day. Sometimes, it is good to be natural and stunning!

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