10 Unique Ways Of Applying Kohl

By Sumera Fatima

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I am much excited because this is my first article and I am new to this blog. I am sure this article will interest all the Indian women who love wearing kohl. Applying kohl is one of the very basic and essential steps for Indian eye makeup. In fact, some women swear by it and never leave home without applying kohl.

10 Unique Ways Of Applying Kohl2

Applying kohl is an Indian tradition and has always been in vogue since ancient times. These days we happily rely on the easily available kohl pencils because they are much easier to use. While choosing a kohl pencil or kajal we usually look for the one that stays longer, the one that doesn’t smudge, which blends smoothly, or some of us even look for a darkest black shade and so on… but, whatever may be our reason of choosing a perfect kohl pencil some of us make an effort of applying it in a different ways than usual. Isn’t it?

So! If you are bored of applying kohl the regular way, here are ten different ways of applying kohl using a kohl pencil.

1. Smokey Eyes

10 Unique Ways Of Applying Kohl7

It is the most dramatic look for an evening out. It is beautiful and sexy at the same time. For this look, you will need smudged eye makeup. At first, you can apply kohl on the upper lash line, lower lash line and waterline. You don’t have to be perfect in lining. Take a pointed brush and smudge the kohl. A flat brush will also do. Lastly make a small ‘v’ at the corner of your eyelids. Smudge the outer ‘v’ by moving the brush inwards.

Tip: For an instant and easy smokey eyes look, you can try applying a thicker line of kohl on the upper and lower lash line. You can use a tiny bit of petroleum jelly to smudge the upper lash line.

2. Stark Eyes

10 Unique Ways Of Applying Kohl

For an eye makeup that looks stark, you need to apply a white eyeshadow to highlight your eyelids. White coloured eye shadow is the most important tool to get this look. You can now draw thick angular lines both on the upper and lower lash line as well.

3. Gothic Eyes

10 Unique Ways Of Applying Kohl6

Gothic makeup designs are some of the strongest forms of self-expression today. You would need heavy dark black kohl to get this look. You need to apply a darker eye shadow to your eyelids. Line your eyes heavily both on the upper and lower lash line.

4. Winged Eyes

10 Unique Ways Of Applying Kohl4

To achieve this retro look, you need to pull the kohl on the upper lash line little higher. While applying the kohl on upper lash line thicken towards the corner. When filling in the outer corner draw the pencil inwards. Winged line will extend upwards from the corner of your eyes to about halfway towards where the eyebrow ends. Lastly add thin line of kohl on your lower eye rim.

5. Doe Eyes

10 Unique Ways Of Applying Kohl1

It’s a fashion trend from 60’s and 70’s. This creates an illusion of more proportionate eyes. Lines are drawn in semi circle and darkened half way. Kohl is applied from the outer corner of the lower lid. This adds shape and definition to your eyes.

6. Thick and Dark Kohl

10 Unique Ways Of Applying Kohl9

For the most desired Arabian eyes, instead of applying kohl once, run your pencil twice or thrice over your lash line to get this effect.

7. Double Winged Eyes

10 Unique Ways Of Applying Kohl3

This look is perfect for special occasions. For this look, you need to apply kohl on upper and lower lash line both. Keep it as close to the lashes as possible. Extend the upper and lower lash outwards. Upper lash line is given a thrifty, high flying wing whereas lower lash line is given a delicate downward curve. Keep the lower lash line parallel to the upper extended wing.

8. Lower Lash Line

10 Unique Ways Of Applying Kohl5

If you are not in the mood of applying full makeup and just want to darken your pale eyes, you can apply kohl on your lower lash line and leave your eyelid bare.

9. Upper Lash Line

10 Unique Ways Of Applying Kohl10

Usually, when we wear eye make up we apply kohl on both upper lids and lower lids. Otherwise applying kohl on the lower lids is very common. Applying kohl on the upper lash line and leaving the lower lash bare guarantees you a younger look.

10. Basic Kohl

10 Unique Ways Of Applying Kohl8

This is the easiest and the fastest way of applying kohl. Applying kohl equally on the upper lash and lower lash line both. This technique instantly defines your eyes.

So ladies, give this a go if you want to experiment and apply kohl a different way! Alongwith applying the kajal, kohl or eyeliner in these ways, you can go ahead and add eyeshadows, mascaras and complementary eyeshadows the way you like it.

Also, let me know which one you wish to try and the one you liked the most. Do share your own ideas of applying kohl in the comments below. Waiting to hear from you all. 🙂

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