6 Weird Makeup Hacks You Must Try Once!

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How are you all?? I can’t tell you guys how much I miss writing for IMBB because I have been busy at work. I am the kind of person who really like to try unusual makeup hacks, just for the sake of having some fun with makeup. Me and my girlfriends are crazy enough to dare each other in a truth ‘n’ dare game and sometimes we end up challenging each other with weird hacks LOL. Today’s article is a compilation of such weird, some effective and some really bogus but amusing makeup hacks, which took us by storm on social media. So, without any further chatter, lets dive in into the world of Weird makeup hacks you must try once.

1. Jamsu – Flawless makeup with water:


This is one such latest makeup hack from Koreans, which gets even weirder as we get into its details and process. It’s like baking with water. Basically, once you do your base you need to set it, using your setting powder and then putting your face in a bowl with water for 30 seconds. Koreans believe this hack gives you flawless base. I would love to try it soon, would you ??

2. Line and Curl at once:


This is oh so clever but not always working trick for applying your eyeliner and curling your lashes at the same time. So, you need your eyelash curler and on the top side you need to create a line with your gel liner. Then, do your usual thing and you can see your eyeliner getting stamped above your upper lashes.

3. Huge lashes with Cotton balls:


If you envy those huge voluminous lashes of celebrities and still a novice at wearing falsies, then grab some cotton balls right now. First, apply your usual one coat of mascara, which will separate your lashes and set the stage for next step. Now, take a spoolie brush and rub it onto a cotton ball in a way, that it catches some fibres from the cotton ball. Now, start running this brush onto your lashes. Apply second coat of mascara and repeat it if you feel you need more length and volume.

4. Bye bye botox with peppermint oil:


Some of us are not blessed with fuller lips but then, we don’t really feel comfortable with botox as well. Well, you don’t really need it. To make your lips plump and fuller, add a drop of peppermint oil to your gloss and see the difference. Also, a weird trick from my grandma which is, applying mustard oil on your belly button , leave it overnight and wake up with pink fuller lips.

5. Thick hair under a minute:


If you want to make your hair look fuller and healthy, apply some eyeshadow with a brush on the parting of your hair. Simple, right?? This trick is very helpful for those also who can’t go for touch ups every now and then and hate those grey roots.

6. Sheet mask before going all glammed up:


Yes, after giving your facial skin a pampered sheet mask treatment, try your makeup on to see how smooth it goes. Pat in the left over serum from the mask and after it sinks in, apply your primer. Then your usual base – foundation, concealer, contour and eye lips makeup for a full on glammed up face.

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  1. Nice compilation Anshu! I tried Jamsu. Didn’t work for me. Plus it was so difficult to hold my face like that for 30seconds! I am definitely gonna try the third hack!!

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