Wella Professionals Balance Calm Treatment for Sensitive Scalp Review

Wella Professionals Balance Calm Treatment for Sensitive Scalp

Hello Girls,
Today I am going to review a hair mask by Wella Professionals. I went for a haircut and hair spa last month when the stylist at the salon suggested me this mask and the shampoo from the same range. He said I have a sensitive scalp and this range would help my condition and show quick results. I was a bit apprehensive since I have earlier been misled by the sales strategies followed by some stylists. I have normal hair, a bit on the drier side. My hair is fine and a bit thinner at front. I need to wash my hair every alternate day max as the scalp becomes a bit greasy and itchy and the hair looks limp the second day. So I liked the idea of a mask that is meant to be applied on the scalp itself as a treatment and can double up as a hair conditioner as well. To be on the safe side, I just bought the mask, so that if it works for me I can then go ahead and buy the shampoo.


Product Description:

Balance for Scalp: Soothe and calm the scalp leaving it refreshed, purified, and cared for with special ingredients like bamboo, caffeine and menthol.
Balance Calm Treatment for Sensitive Scalp Helps condition sensitive scalps and helps strengthen hair.

Packaging: The creamy mask comes in a purple colored tub with a screw cap. A bit unhygienic to be used in shower as you need to dip your fingers in it, but considering the product quality, I ignore this fact. 🙂


My take on Wella Professionals Balance Calm Treatment for Sensitive Scalp:

The mask is creamy white in color with no smell as it’s meant for sensitive scalp. The consistency is a bit gel like; it is lightweight and spreads easily. Only a small amount is required every time. I wash my hair with a mild shampoo and then take a little amount of the product and spread it all over my scalp. I gently massage for a minute and then apply some more on the hair shaft and leave it on for 10 mins. In the very first wash I was very impressed with my hair texture, even while rinsing off the mask when the hair was still wet. The hair looked glossy, detangled and healthy. I kept my fingers crossed and waited for the hair to get air dried. And the result was fantastic, I was able to comb through without even a drop of serum, which I always needed after my regular conditioner. The hair looked healthy, was soft to touch, had bit volume and was easy to style and manage. The scalp looked fresh, clean and healthy. I was impressed.

Now the final and important test, test of what the mask is meant for, treating my scalp. I didn’t wash my hair the next two days to test what the mask has done to my scalp and hurray, the scalp was clean, with a little greasiness which was not that troublesome and no itchiness and irritation. I didn’t expect the mask to work like this in the very first application. I am using this frequently for the past one month and I am very satisfied with what it has done to my hair and scalp. It is not that expensive and I have already placed order online for the shampoo from this range. Hope that’s good too. Will do review once I use it for some time.


Summing up the Pros and cons:

Pros of Wella Professionals Balance Calm Treatment for Sensitive Scalp:

• Improves scalp condition
• Improves hair texture(My hair never felt so good)
• Very mild
• No odor as meant for sensitive scalp
• Affordable
• Small amount is required


Cons of Wella Professionals Balance Calm Treatment for Sensitive Scalp:

• The effect on my scalp doesn’t remain after the third day, maybe it’s just my hair as I am habituated with frequent washing. Or maybe I should give the treatment some more time, it’s just been a month. The hair remains fine though.
• Might be expensive for some
• Available only through selected outlets and Salons.
Nothing more I can think of, it worked for me.:)

To splurge on it or not: If you are having similar scalp condition like me and if your hair looks limp and thin because of your scalp condition or if you suffer from itchiness in scalp, you must give this product a try. Mainly hair masks are for hair shaft treatment only. This is the first product I came across that’s meant to be applied on the scalp and I am very happy with it. This has improved my scalp condition and hair texture as well. It is very mild as it’s meant for sensitive scalp. Do give it a try, it will not disappoint you. I am definitely buying this again once this tub gets over.

Rating:4.8/5(-0.2 for availability)

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17 thoughts on “Wella Professionals Balance Calm Treatment for Sensitive Scalp Review

    1. Hey Sorry Ashwitha, I had sent the Ingredients list and Price in Pic form, and those have not been published. I will send those now in written form to IMBB and request them to update here. The price is 475 for 150 ml.

  1. i have sensitive scalp too, prone to hair fall when used with strong chemicals. i gotta try this. thanks for the review. 😀 -valarie

  2. Good review. Seems like a worth trying product. Shreela which hair serum do you use? I bought the matrix one but it’s doing nothing to my dry hair.

  3. Ingredients: Aqua, Steryl Alcohol, Behentrimonium Chloride, Cetryl Alcohol, Bis-Aminopropyl Dimethicone, Betaine, Panthenol, IsopropylAlcohol, Benzyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Valine, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Allantonin, DisodiumEDTA, Citric Acid.

    Price: Rs. 475 for 150 m

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