Wella Hair Loss System Professional Energy Serum Review

Wella System Professional Energy Serum Review

3 months after pregnancy due to certain hormonal changes every woman face severe hair fall and I am not an exception. I was so worried that I started having amla, curry leaves and honey as a mixture in the morning and dates in the night. When I went to the parlour my beautician saw this severe hair loss and suggested me to try this serum. I was very skeptic and just ignored her. She never used to force me to buy any product from their salon but this time she insisted that I give a try and promised me that I won’t be disappointed.

Wella System  Professional Energy Serum

Though I was not very happy and convinced I got this 100ml Energy serum for Rs.3500 !!!!!! The price was another shock for me. I knew the price only during billing and I confirmed that this is just a marketing stunt and the serum is not going to help me in any way.

The serum is a transparent liquid that comes in a transparent bottle. The cap has a filler to take the serum out. During every hair wash I towel dry my hair and then pour this serum on my scalp and massage it for 2-5 mins. It gives a fresh minty feeling when we pour the serum in the scalp. To my surprise this product worked for me !!!!! I really could not believe it. My hair fall has reduced considerably. 🙂

Wella System  Professional Energy Serum

From the back of the bottle
“Intensive Strengthening Tonic
• Can reduce hair loss by 37%.
• The life cycle of the hair is prolonged.

Provides daily nutrients that stimulate the scalp tissue
The special hair care formula Maxximum Complex based on a highly effective combination of caffeine, biotin and lauric acid increases the supply of nutrients to the hair. The hair is noticeable strengthened and the stability of the hair in the scalp is improved leading to a longer life cycle.

Your SP stylist recommends
Apply to the scalp in small sections directly after cleansing to towel dried hair, or to dry between cleansing treatments. Massage in gently. Do not rinse out. For best results use daily.

Wella System  Professional Energy Serum

Salon exclusive brand endorsed by SP stylists worldwide. Skin compatibility dermatologically tested.”

Pros of Wella System  Professional Energy Serum

  • Helps reduce hair fall and helps in re growth.
  • Feels good on the scalp.
  • Does not have any strong scent.
  • Filler that comes with the lid is really helpful in using the product.
  • Transparent bottle and hence can track the amount left/used.
  • Easy to use product as it does not take more than 2 mins to apply and massage.

Cons of Wella System  Professional Energy Serum

  • The price Rs.3500 for 100 ml !!!!!!
  • Availability is limited only to few salons.

My Rating – :-* :-* :-* :-*

Will I Repurchase – Yes. But I expect my hair fall to reduce and stop at one point so that I need not use this serum throughout my life. 🙂

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62 thoughts on “Wella Hair Loss System Professional Energy Serum Review

      1. I agree Aarthi… When there is severe hairfall… anything that helps is fine. Price is fine. I used Regen revitalizer which was also exp.

  1. I just recommended it to a friend , aarthi. She has been spending so much money to control her hair loss. I hope this one helps. her. thanks for the review. :-* How are you doing? 🙂

    1. Wow.. I really wish it helps her too 🙂 Did u mention it is only available in salons? Im doing good, very busy these days with Neya as she is becoming hyper active day by day !!!

  2. Thank you for this review Aarthi. I was looking for something similar & could not find anything around. I so gonna pick this once I step foot back in Delhi 🙂

  3. Aarthi………..if its working for you….its great na…….but the price should not be a big problem for those suffering from hairfall…..because after all we spend so much on accessories and clothes……if I were suffering from hair fall, I would not mind spending such an amount for a hair care product which really works……thanks Aarthi for the review :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  4. yeah, I agree with Rati….there are so many of my friends who spend like really huge amounts on Dr. Batra and ayurvedic potions…..like close to 12000 rupees per month…………Rs 3500 is really a reasonable amount for people who do suffer from hair loss, i am definitely referring this to my friends….Aarthi

  5. I use Wella System Professional Hydro line and believe me …even though they are much more expensive than the other professional products….they work just awesome on my hair…my hair is as soft as silk!

    1. Aditi, I used their Remove Shampoo for dandruff [though I didn’t have much I was worried] and my hair was super clean before I finished that bottle 🙂 Wella products seems to be good for hair 🙂 I thought that it works only for me but no 🙂

  6. 😯 😯 😯 😯 3500/- for 100 ml!!!!

    But then it works at least.. There are so many useless products in the market tht it’s better to spend money on a sinle one which works… :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: for the review Aarthi!!

    1. See I dont know about this product but the one’s I used are so exorbitantly expensive…. The Hydro Mask which is a deep conditioner is for 900. But lemme tell you it does the best job ever…. I will write a review soon about the Hydro line!

  7. it seems gud but i’m not having any severe hair fall aarthi.. even after 3 mnths of pregnency :fingerscrossed: :fingerscrossed: :fingerscrossed: ..plz, i dont want to spend 3500 on this serum.. :tremble: :tremble: :tremble:
    but atleast it worked for u aarthi.. thts the best part.. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

  8. Aarthi, i have used a hair serum from Wella a few years ago. it was for rs.350. i was suffering from severe hair loss then and it worked great for me. the only drawback of that product was that one bottle would last for exactly one month and i had to buy a new bottle every month. i would use it daily.

  9. wow nice review aarthi :yes:
    hearing about the product for the first time.
    by the way it is damn expensive .
    but if it works,then its fine
    even I too suffer from hair loss after my pregnancy.
    but am not very particular about taking calcium and iron supplements.
    may be it helps me if I am regular on my intake

  10. Great review Aarthi…Hey but i find that a lot of these hair loss treatment serums leave build up in hair and cause a lot of dandruff… How is this in that department?

  11. hey thanks a lot aarthi.. i too suffer from very bad hairloss as i m under medication..i had to chop off my hair due to sickness because i was lossing zillions of hair in a day.. I M CERTAINLY GOING TO GET THIS ONE.. :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

  12. price is fine if it works…..I had such thick volume during school days and now its reduced to half :((
    I shall try to find this….does it help in growth too?? As in noticeable increase in volume of hair :))
    Nice review Aarthi :yes:

      1. hey aarthi i have hair loss and scalp is visible from front now …suggest me that is this product help me to regrow the hair and fill my lost part of hair…..should i go ahead and buy it ….is there any side effect of this product

  13. i have been visiting xpression saloon and i have purchased S P Shampoo and conditioner but they advised me to buy serum that was expensive . Pl advise is it worth to buy.

  14. hi everyone, i also purchased this product in INdia, paid 4000 INR but after coming back to Switzerland, i bought the same product here for 1500 INR, which is almost half the price and its a German product. I think they charge really a lot in India, i bought this in Naturals in INdia. I really feel bad you guys are paying a lot for this but its very effective, after using it

  15. I started using SP Energy Serum….Its almost 3 weeks i am using….but i want to know when i apply serum on my hair its that time i suffer a lot hair fall …..and my problem is same these time …..till i am suffering from hair fall ………..help me and suggest me

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