Wella System Professional Hydrate Dry Hair Mask Review

Wella System Professional Hydrate Mask

Hello Everyone. Today I am going to review Wella System Professional Hydrate Mask.

Wella System Professional Hydrate Mask

I got introduced to this Wella Dry Hair Mask almost one and half year ago and since then there has been no looking at any other thing. I started using it when I got my hair rebonded in August 2009 as rebonding can lead to excessive hair dryness. But to my rescue was Wella Hydrate Mask.

Wella has many professional treatments like Hydrate, Volumize, Shine, etc for different hair types. Since I have fine and dry hair I can go for Hydrate or the Volumize range. But my hair stylist suggested me to continue using Hydrate for better results eventhough I not longer have rebonded hair!

Website Says –
Long lasting protection from drying out. Provides noticeable softness. For normal to coarse hair
Ingredients –

Wella System Professional Hydrate Mask ingredinets

Contains Parabens!
Price: Rs.900
Smooth onto towel-dried hair after shampoo. Leave it on for atleast 5 minutes.

Wella System Professional Hydrate Mask

My Experience with the Hydrate Mask:

I was advised by my Hair Stylist to use this after having rebonded my hair as all are after getting the treatment . In fact my friend and I got the treatment done around the same time but she got Matrix and I got Wella. So we both started to use the after-care products from the respective line. After a while her hair started to dry out and become frizzy at the ends, which a lot of people also complain as an after effect of rebonding – extreme dry ends. I somehow convinced her to try out Wella and Voila….her hair started to come back to life, they were well moisturized till the ends.
So even after all my rebonded hair has been chopped, well almost, I continue to use this hair mask There were sometimes when is started to look for cheaper alternative because my hair is not rebonded now and I can use any product but I always fall back to it.
When I take my baths, the very first thing I do is shampoo my hair, towel dry it or just rinse it with my hands so that there is no running water and apply very little amount onto my my hair. Double the amout shown in the picture. Then I just tie my hair up and then continue my bath sometime is quick like five minutes other times, when I have time to spare, may even take upto half an hour and the the last thing I do is rinse with cold water – as cold as you can stand without giving you headache. 🙂
Using cold water make the cuticle lie flat and gives hair a smooth appearance!

After towel drying my hair I use Hydro Milk from the same line on my hair to seal in moisture!

Consistency of the product is thick not runny like regular conditioners. But smoothes over hair easily. Avoid roots and concentrate on the ends!

The Result:
My hair becomes so smooth and shiny. And don’t have to detangle them at all. My comb just runs though my hair without stopping. I use it with everywash but must be used atleast once a week if not with every wash. After the very first use only you will noticed softness and bounce in your hair.

Wella System Professional Hydrate Mask swatch

Pros of Wella System Professional Hydrate Mask

1. Great product for super soft and moisturised hair.
2. Great Deep Conditioning product as can be combined with heat for intensive moisturization. Tie hair with a warm towel after applying product.
3. Sure shot results for everyone with dry, limp hair.
4. Usage is very less

Cons of Wella System Professional Hydrate Mask

1. It is pricey – can be a deterring factor for a lot of people
2. Tub packaging – a storehouse of gems and bacteria.
3. Even though very little is used it last me 2-2.5 months as I wash my hair every other day.! Must give more product for the price!
4. If not used in the correct quantity hair becomes greasy the second day itself…. Takes a while to understand how much is required for your hair.
5. Defiantly not for Oily Hair!

Would you recommend it?
I would highly recommend the product…if you’re looking for something in this price range. But defiantly worth a try once!

Would you repurchase it?
Yes, I love it !
Stars –
:-* :-* :-* :-*  (1/2 for the price, ½ for tub)

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16 thoughts on “Wella System Professional Hydrate Dry Hair Mask Review

  1. i have also very dry dry hair………..but very next day i become oily……..so dont know its for me or not ?:)

  2. Hey Aditi nice article…:)..infact guys i wud ask for n advice- my hair has ,over the tym, sumhw becum dry n volume is also not der..:(.i hav started to go for Hair Spa sessions but even aftr awhile my hair becums this rukha- sukha and bejan .. 🙁 🙁 ( dry n limp.).can any1 help me as to wht hair products can i use to make my hair bit bouncy and healthy looking??? any suggestions wud be of gr8 help..

    1. Hi Preety… I think your hair has had an over-use of silicone on them. Silicone is present in all shampoos and conditioner in the market except for a very few. So that actually builds up in the hair and makes them rookha sookha but oily the very next day on the roots..!
      Try using Henna every week … it has helped me greatly…just use it for 30 minutes and that will do the job..!
      Mix Henna in Curd overnight and mix an egg in the morning this will help control oiliness and bring bounce and shine!

      1. hey aditi , thnks a bunch for ur advice..will surely follow it.. :)..and is it OK to shampoo and condition ur hair everyday???as i do that..

  3. seems to b a gr8 product :yes: .. matrix serums r also gud.. i hav used it tooo.. i dont hav very dry hair so surely not for me.. but well done for the review aditi.. :clap: :clap:

  4. very nice review aditi… i can very well believe it must be great! i love professional range products from loreal and well! but this is soo expensive..! nevertheless i will try it out… have u used power mask by wella thats great too…. similar price range i guess

  5. Hey aditi, i juz got rebounding done 2 days back from wella,,,,,,, plz sugest me some after care products for wella and i thnk my scalp is oily as i have to mwash them everday.

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