Wet n Wild Color Commentary CoverAll Correcting Palette Review

Skin tone: medium olive
Skin type: oily, acne prone and sensitive

Hello beauties,

I had been searching for a good color correcting palette, hence picked up this Wet n Wild Color Commentary CoverAll Correcting Palette. Even though I do not have many imperfections on my skin, I do like to cover up redness and dark circles at times to make my skin look flawless. Let’s get into the review now!

Wet n Wild Color Commentary CoverAll Correcting Palette Review

Price: $3.99 for 6.5g
Product Description:
Let’s spin the color wheel! This circle of concealers contains all you need to balance out any imperfection in your complexion. It’s beauty’s version of playing with paint, and your face is your coloring book!
Circle of concealers balances all imperfections!
Purple and yellow are opposites on the color wheel, so use yellow to cancel out any unwanted purple spots, such as bruises or under-eye circles. Any overly yellow spots? Attack them with purple.
Green and red are opposites, too. So use green on anything red: zits, flushes, blemishes, you name it!
White brightens any color, so whatever part of your face you want to highlight, this is it!

Wet n Wild Color Commentary CoverAll Correcting Palette Ingredients

My Experience with Wet n Wild Color Commentary CoverAll Correcting Palette:

Packaging: These color correctors come in a palette form. The container is round with a screw on lid. All the details regarding the product are nicely mentioned on the packaging. You can carry this lightweight packaging easily and the product is very affordable too.

Wet n Wild Color Commentary CoverAll Correcting Palette Packaging

Shades: This palette contains four different shades: purple, green, yellow, and white. These shades come in handy to cover almost all imperfections.

Purple: This is a lilac or light purple shade that helps to hide those yellow or light colored marks on the face.
Green: Green is the most useful color for me. This is a lime green or sea green shade that helps hide red spots and neutralise the overall skin tone. It actually helps me hide all the pimples, marks and redness.
Yellow: It is a fresh light yellow shade. It hides those purple toned areas well. It can hide my under eye dark circles lightly as well as the pigmentation around my mouth.
White: It’s a pure white shade with some silver shimmers for highlighting. It is actually a face highlighting or illuminating shade that needs to be applied on the highest parts of the face.

Wet n Wild Color Commentary

Pigmentation: Except yellow, all the shades are well-pigmented. The yellow shade looks a little less pigmented for my skin tone. But, I love the color intensity of this palette as it instantly provides medium to full coverage.

Texture and Quality: Since these are color correctors, they are not supposed to be too creamy. I find the medium-thick consistency of the correctors just perfect as they never budge from their place. I mostly prefer to apply these with my fingers or a makeup sponge. After color correcting, I apply my foundation normally. It is essential to use a full coverage foundation with color correctors. These correctors easily settle to a smooth finish and never highlight dry patches. These never feel patchy on the skin either.

Wet n Wild CoverAll Correcting Palette Review

All the shades work perfectly, just as the brand claims. I tend to get pimples around my pimples and the green shade helps me hide the redness easily, making my skin look spotless. It also hides the redness around my nose perfectly. The yellow shade cannot hide my dark circles properly and it creases under my eyes too. Hence, I feel that an orange corrector would have worked better for my skin tone. The white shade provides a nice, highlighted effect to my skin, but it has noticeable shimmers in it. Also, the formula of this one is a little drying and requires proper blending.

Wet n Wild Color Commentary Texture

Staying Power: The color correctors do not move from their place. I have super oily skin, hence the product around my t-zone tends to face after 4-5 hours. Otherwise, these are quite long-lasting and do not create any mess on the skin. Other than the yellow shade, these never settle into the fine lines and never crease either.

Overall: I am totally happy with this palette and it works its best to provide that flawless, perfect skin. It is great for my sensitive skin too.

Wet n Wild Color Commentary CoverAll Correcting Palette Swatches

Pros of Wet n Wild Color Commentary CoverAll Correcting Palette:

⦁ Pretty, travel-friendly packaging.
⦁ Affordable.
⦁ Contains four useful shades.
⦁ All the shades work well.
⦁ Super pigmented.
⦁ Perfect, medium-thick texture.
⦁ Easy to apply.
⦁ Correctors do not feel patchy.
⦁ Easy to blend and layer.
⦁ Correctors do not dry out my skin.
⦁ Can easily hide redness, pimple spots, pigmentation, dark circles and yellow spots.
⦁ White shade acts as a face highlighter.
⦁ Good staying power.
⦁ No skin irritation.

Cons of Wet n Wild Color Commentary CoverAll Correcting Palette:

⦁ Shimmery white shade requires proper blending.
⦁ Yellow shade can’t provide full coverage.
⦁ Yellow shade creases a little.
⦁ Wish it had an orange corrector too.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Wet n Wild Color Commentary CoverAll Correcting Palette?
Yes to both.

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