MAKE UP FOR EVER 5 Camouflage Cream Palette No 4 Review, Swatch, FOTD

MAKE UP FOR EVER 5 Camouflage Cream Palette Review, Swatch, FOTD

MUFE Camouflage Palette No 4 review, swatch

Hi Everyone, 🙂

I have been wanting to try the Make Up for Ever 5 Camouflage Palette for the longest time. I was going through a phase where I wanted to try cream contouring so this palette looked like a great pick. I picked up Palette No 4 that is meant for dark complexions. This looked like a perfect concealing, correcting and contouring palette. 

Colors available :

  1. Very light complexions
  2. Asian Complexions
  3. Light complexions
  4. Dark complexions (the one I am reviewing)
  5. Professional Corrective shades.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 10.47.48 am

Claims : Thanks to their dense texture, the Camouflage Cream Palettes allow any type of correction. Highly concentrated in pigments, they are perfect for covering dark spots and other skin blemishes and unifying the complexion, even when wearing light makeup. The natural shades are especially effective to hide dark circles or puffy eyes, pigment stains and scars. The corrective shades conceal hyper-pigmented areas. The 5 Camouflage Cream Palettes have been designed to suit all skin types:

How to Apply : Apply these easy-to-apply creams with fingers or a nylon brush, over or under foundation. Apply powder for long-lasting results. Apply corrective touches here and there to sculpt and reshape the face.

Pro tip: for easier application, the product may be diluted with a makeup primer, Castor Oil, or simply with foundation.

To create a corrective shadow on the face, smooth out the selected color until it blends into the skin. For easier application, the product may be diluted with a makeup primer, Castor Oil, or simply with foundation. Apply a very small amount of the product around the eye to camouflage wrinkles or sagging skin, and mix the camouflage cream with the HD primer to avoid emphasizing deep furrows.

Ingredients :MUFE Camouflage Palette No 4 ingredients

Price : Rs 2900

My Experience with Make Up For Ever 5 Camouflage Palette

MUFE 5 camouflage cream palette

Let’s start with the colors first. I have numbered them 1-5 just for convenience. Btw the dots you see are just the regular oils that the product contains. Nothing wrong with the palette. 🙂

1. A brownish ochre yellow. It pretty much disappears in my skin and does nothing as such for my skin. Sometimes I use it for concealing the spots on my skin but most of the time I end up not using this color.

2. A reddish toned medium brown color. I  use this shade mostly to contour the nose. Since it is a medium brown shade, it’s quite forgiving when you apply it right on the centre of your face.

3. A pale ochre yellow. I use it as a concealer for under eyes. I would have preferred it to be a bit lighter but it does the job well at evening out the skin tone. And it looks natural.

4. The favourite and most used colour from the palette. A deep neutral toned dark brown color. It’s the most perfect color for contouring. It’s not orangey, which is a big plus. Looks scary in pan but it gives the most natural contouring.

5. Again one of the most used colors from the palette. An orange corrector to counteract the shadows underneath the eyes. If I am not using my Bobbi brown Peach corrector, I use this color. That said, I wouldn’t replace my Bobbi Brown corrector with this. That stuff is EPIC.! 😀 If you have dark under eyes, this is like the holy grail of all colors.

Anyway, the most used colors from this palette are 3, 4 and 5.

The texture of all the colors is quite thin. The product blends seamlessly in the skin and they are very long lasting. Plus the products are creamy enough that they give you enough control to blend and are not that creamy that they are gooey and difficult to work with.

It is veerryyy pigmented product. A little bit of it goes a long way. So use it carefully and wisely.

The coverage is medium to buildable. Because of the thin texture, you can build up the coverage without making it look cakey.It does not crease underneath the eyes. But you have to apply under eye cream before using it or it would start looking a bit dry after a while.And you HAVE to set it with powder.

I use the darkest shade on most days especially when I have to take pictures. It gives such a nice foundation for your powder products. Also, for people who complain about their bronzer not staying on for long, they should try layering the products. It makes a hell lot of a difference.

I personally use it mostly for photos or night outs. For day time, I like to keep it very minimal and natural.

Sometimes I use the product with finger tips and sometimes I use a short flat brush to apply. I blend everything with Sigma Flat top Kabuki brush or Real Techniques contour brush. 

If you are a makeup artist, you MUST own these palettes. But for regular people who don’t want to bother too much about going through the two step process of cream contouring and then powder contouring can easily skip this palette.

Overall, I am verryyy happy with the palette. The quality is really good. The only gripe would be that I am not able to use all 5 colors in the palette. But the three that I am able to always make me happy whenever I use them. Not a must have but you won’t be disappointed if you pick it up. 🙂

MUFE is available at Sephora India.

If you ask me if I’d repurchase this, I’d say no. I need one cream contouring product, which I can easily find. But if I were a makeup artist or if all the colors worked for me in some way or the other, I would have repurchased it over and over again. 🙂 But I can’t deny that it’s a lot easier to travel with. 🙂

Rating : 4/5

MUFE 5 camouflage cream palette reviewmakeup-forever-camouflage-palette-4MUFE indiamakeupforever camouflage palette reviewSwatches :

swatch mufe paletteIn the pic below I have used the darkest shade to contour the hollows of my cheeks and jawline. And no matter how much I applied it to make it look darker for pics, it ended up looking natural after blending. I still hope it gives you a bit of idea on how it works. It looks quite prominent on jawline if you notice it.  In real life I’d go over it with powder concealer to make it last all day long. After applying powder blush and powder bronzer, my face looks pretty much like THIS. 😀


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  1. this is a fantastic review Rati. looks so natural and you have done a fab job blending. I think the orangy color corrector would make the most difference. I think its a pretty good price too especially with concealers itself costing about a 1000 bucks atleast (MAC). Had bought the orangy corrector from Kryolan but didn’t work.

    Also, Congrats on the success of your sale. *happydance* items got sold out pretty quickly.

    1. hi aruna how are you doing. *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* I think you gave a very good perspective. :)) yeah the orange concealer in this palette is quite nice. It’s not too orangey and it’s not too light as well. Works great. 🙂

  2. heyyyyyyyyy doing great. how you guys doing?

    No maid/cook today so planning most of our meals outside (so lazy) *whistle* ..went for a long drive, wonderful breakfast..:) but hopefully simple home cooked food for dinner. am very enthu about watching the Anupam Kher show later this evening. 🙂

    what are your plans?

    1. yeah the anupam kher show is amazing. I got a little bored with the first episode but with the second i think it grew on me. i was missing the karan jorish gossip in the show. hihi I am going to watch amit sahni ki list today because it is directed by sanjeev’s batch mate. So a whole lot of these batchmates are getting together along with their wives to watch the movie. I think I am going to be very overwhelmed seeing so many IITians together. 😛 😛

  3. Ratizz *happy dance* *puchhi*
    I was waiting fr ur revu on this 🙂 I have seen soo many muas using such palettes,
    I have been eyeing a similar palette frm graftobian, will have to buy it online only :/

    1. nupurrriiiiii *duh* *duh* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* graftobian is an uhhmazing brand. My makeup teacher used to use it and i used to find her so intelligent. *duh* *duh*

      1. Ohhhh ur Makeup mam also used graftobian…now I wanttt it even more *duh*
        N n Who mentioned about my hand wali dp?? U remember? Me finding it a lil weird myself now…time to changzzz *preen*

        1. You are known for your dp, everyone calling you furfuri and soooo much more Nupur 😛 When I started reading this blog, I started from page 1 and you have been a part of all the sweet natkhat chats everywhere on the posts 😛 I’m wondering now why you aren’t that active 😛

          1. Hi princy m 🙂 m happy to read that 😀
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            1. Yes *happy dance* pleeeease start writing again *happy dance* IMBB needs you 😀 I hope you agree Rati 😛

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  4. amazing product rati and u have contoured soooo well
    Banish the face fat is my biggest target as of now *jogging* *jogging* *jogging* *jogging*

  5. Contouring is something I am new to and this sounds interesting *woot* You look beautiful *puchhi*

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