What Shirts to Wear With Maxi Skirts

Hii IMBBians,

Maxi skirts are extremely versatile and it is a chic way of playing with any outfit. They can instantly raise your fashion quotient any time. But maxi skirts can look quite boring if they are not properly styled. And do you know that shirts are such a chic way of styling these maxi skirts? Have a look at different kind of shirts you can wear with maxi skirts.

1. Denim Shirt:

This is my favourite and one of the most versatile ways of wearing a maxi skirt. Just put over a denim shirt over your maxi skirt. This is perfect for the upcoming weather also and will keep you warm at the same time. And this will also add a sporty edge to your outfit.

2. Crop Shirt:

We have heard of crop tops but there are crop shirts also. Crop shirt is the new cool clothing piece which looks best with a maxi skirt. When you wear a long maxi skirt, then a short crop shirt balances the entire look.

3. Tie down shirt:

If you wear a simple shirt and pair it with maxi skirts then that can be quite boring at times. So, why not tie down your shirt and make a knot and then wear it over your maxi skirt. You can make a knot at the side or in the middle also.

4. Statement Shirt:

If you want to create a statement and make some strong point, then add a statement shirt over your maxi skirt. This is a minimalistic way of creating an impression without much effort.

5. Colour Block:

Colour blocking is another fun way of adding colours to your outfit. Pair your shirt in such a way that it creates a strong colour combination and it is eye-catching from a distance. This will be an extremely stylish look and it can be runway ready also at the same time.

6. Overall Shirt:

If you are thinking of wearing a simple shoulder-less or a strappy top, you can wear them over a skirt. This will give you the covered and warmer look and also will help you to create a statement together.

7. Long Shirt:

Long shirts, which can also be called shrugs, are the perfect way to pair with maxi skirts. These are long and can be a perfect addition to a tee and a maxi skirt. They look very chic and stylish at the same time.

8. Check Shirt:

Wearing check shirt is a perfect way to glam a plain maxi skirt. Top your plain, boring maxi skirt with a check shirt of your choice. This will not only add glamour to your outfit but will also add colours and you can further play with the outfit by adding some brooches and all.

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