Yardley London Nourishing Hand Cream English Dahlia Review

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Today’s review is about Yardley London English Dahlia Nourishing Hand Cream.

Price: £5 for 100 ml
Product Description:
A light and easily absorbed hand cream that leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and delicately fragranced with the new Floral Classics English Dahlia Fragrance.

An elegant and fascinating green floral Chypre, opening with sparkling citrus notes that combine with fresh neroli and apple, before moving onto a sensual and feminine heart, blending dahlia accords with rose and peony, enhanced with a warm base of patchouli, cedar and musk.

Containing moisturising shea butter and natural oils to help fight against ageing. Contains 95% naturally derived ingredients. Paraben Free.

My Experience with Yardley London Nourishing Hand Cream English Dahlia:

The hand cream comes in a white soft plastic tube with a flap lid. The color of the lid is maroon red. There are pictures of dahlia flowers printed on the packaging. The tube looks so beautiful, especially on the dresser, and I feel it’s an attractive packaging. The packaging is medium sized and fits very well into the handbag.

The hand cream itself is white in color. The consistency of the cream is light and it spreads very well all over the palms. The fragrance is not strong or overpowering. The fragrance feels very elegant with notes of citrus, fresh neroli, apple and, of course, dahlia, rose, peony and musk. It has a light, feminine, floral and musk fragrance. There are a lot of floral notes attached to this, dahlia being one of them.

I love using this at my office desk because the cream is very light and does not leave the hands oily when applied. Plus, it gets absorbed pretty easily by the skin. I can work on my laptop within seconds of applying the hand cream. I need not worry about the greasy traces on my laptop. This is a very crucial factor for me in hand creams.

My hands feel like satin after using this cream. My hands now feel very soft and smooth after a few days of continuous usage. I have dry hands and flakey corners. This issue has got better after using this hand cream. But I feel I need to reapply it every 4 hours or so, especially during colder months.  

The product has 95% natural ingredients and is also paraben free. Overall, it’s a lovely hand cream and my hands smell lovely like dahlia after each use. This hand cream was also shortlisted for the ‘Beauty Awards 2017’.

Pros of Yardley London Nourishing Hand Cream English Dahlia:

• Convenient packaging
• Does not feel oily or greasy at all
• Gets absorbed within seconds
• Paraben free
• Mild, lovely fragrance
• 95% organic ingredients
• Leaves the skin soft and smooth

Cons of Yardley London Nourishing Hand Cream English Dahlia:

• Needs to be reapplied after every few hours

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend Yardley London Nourishing Hand Cream English Dahlia?
I love it even though it needs reapplication. In fact, I totally love to reapply this hand cream as it smells amazing every time. Still, if you do not like musk fragrance, then stay away from it.

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