Zara Woman Apple Juice EDP Natural Spray Review

Zara Woman Apple Juice EDP Natural Spray

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I had a rough start of the week, tons of things happening around, but life continues and things get back to normal life, for some it gets more haphazard and for some it gets better.Well coming back to the review, for today I have a sweet little angel from Zara, Zara Women Apple Juice EDT Natural Spray. I am a crazy Zara fan, you just cannot get out from that place, the place is heaven on earth, And so are the fragrances they market. I had their Zara Femme EDT and now I was looking for a fragrance with some different notes. So here’s the review of the Apple Juice


Zara Woman Apple Juice EDP Natural Spray

Product Details-

Applejuice by Zara is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance. Applejuice was launched in 2012.
Top notes are apple and grapefruit; middle note is rose; base note is musk.
Main Accords-Citrus, fruity, musky, rose

Price890 INR

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Transparent bottle with black spray nozzle and cap. Light green colored perfume.


Zara Woman Apple Juice EDP Natural Spray5

My take on Zara Woman Apple Juice EDP Natural Spray

It’s been a long time I have stopped using deodorants; I had been using pleasant perfumes and roll-ons. So, I keep hunting for good perfumes and good fragrances. My fav Antonio proudly sits with me, I use it for special occasion *hihi* and for the regular ones I keep indulging into new ones. So, this is how I landed back in Zara, I had loved the earlier perfume I had bought. Zara Apple Juice is a mild scent which does not hit your nostrils but is subtle and apt to cheer up your mood. Refreshing and mildly strong to rejuvenate, it does have that effect. It’s nor floral or fruity neither musky but it somewhere between musky and fruity, and subtle.


Zara Woman Apple Juice EDP Natural Spray31

There is no such relation to apple juice as such, 😛 but I like the name and the color of the perfume. After this particular baby I’m eyeing Zara wild roses and another with atomizer, I have forgotten the name, but remember the bottle *hihi* *duh*

Last to talk about is the staying power of this perfume, EDT’s tend to have a less of staying power, but I have witnessed a fragrance which lingers through the whole day. It’s light though but it’s noticeable, as I stated above too that EDT tends to stay less so it scores a point over there.

Zara Woman Apple Juice EDP Natural Spray41

So lets see the pros and cons:

Pros of Zara Woman Apple Juice EDP Natural Spray

Amazing range of fragrances
Sturdily packaged bottles
Long lasting

Zara Woman Apple Juice EDP Natural Spray11

Cons of Zara Woman Apple Juice EDP Natural Spray

Nothing noticeable 😛

Would I suggest Zara Woman Apple Juice EDP Natural Spray?

Yes, I would definitely!

Will I repurchase Zara Woman Apple Juice EDP Natural Spray ?

I will, but before I would like to try all the rest of fragrances.

IMBB rating 5/5

That is all, I simply adore IMBB and all you guys, it’s today that I’m trying to share my words with you all, just some exchange of words and we are all sitting in different parts of the country are connected over this huge platform. I always wanted to thank Rati and Sanjeev Ji, for after writing here I discovered that I could write and express things. Makeup for me is rather secondary thing that I developed an interest for out here, but the first and foremost thing I had earned here is confidence. The confidence that I can put up in my words and make things straight for me, I have learnt a lot and have a special place for all you guys. I know this blog is very special to each and every writer and reader but I had these emotions in me for a long time now. I feel nice and elated now, I love you guys 😀
I love IMBB <3

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