DIY Fresh Cabbage Juice Pack To Remove Tan And Skin Pigmentation

Now that summers are approaching we are all busy loading our vanities with sun screen lotions anti-tan gels , face packs and astringents.

Cabbage Face Pack to remove tan

Here is one simple DIY with raw cabbage juice which I have been using since my school days to lighten my skin tone , remove pigmentation and tan .

Let me show you how I make this pack….


1. Freshly grated raw cabbage
2. A binding medium like multani mitti / besan / rice flour
3. Honey
4. Pinch of turmeric as an anti-septic . I use Kapurahaladi/ Amba halad/Amba-haldi also called mango ginger in English , not the ordinary one we use for cooking. This one is known to remove facial hair .


1. Take a raw cabbage and grate it .

grated cabbage

2. Squeeze the juice from grated raw cabbage and collect it in a small bowl .
cabbage juice
3. Add honey
4. Add multani mitti / besan / rice flour as a binding medium with pinch of turmeric and make a paste .

add honey , besan with pinch of turmeric
5. Preserve some juice and dip two small cotton balls in it .
cotton balls dipped in juice
This is how the pack looks :
the final pack
Pack when applied on back of my hand :
this is how it looks when applied on my hand

How to use this face pack:

1. After you have mixed all ingredients let the pack stand for 10 mins
2. Take some paste and apply it on the face and neck.
3. Now , take the two cotton balls dipped in cabbage juice and place them on your eyes .
4. Lie down for a while till the pack dries off .
5. Wash it off with plain water (normal temperature).
6. Pat your face dry and apply a moisturiser.

My experience with this pack:

I have been using this pack since my teenage upon my mum’s recommendation . Everytime she grates cabbage for salad she keeps some juice in small bowl for me to use .

Use only freshly grated cabbage juice otherwise it gives weird smell due to its high anti-oxidant content . Do not store the juice for later use as the juice starts giving weird smell .

Cabbage juice is high in anti-oxidants (I am not covering it here as it makes the DIY lengthy .However , you can read it HERE ).

I have been using this pack since teenage . It is very effective in cleaning tan , pigmentation and pimple marks and scars due to its high content of anti-oxidants. When you place the cotton balls dipped in cabbage juice on your eyes it helps in removing under eye dark circles . The honey in pack moisturises the skin and the binding agent(multani mitti / besan / rice flour ) + turmeric powder acts as exfoliating agent when you remove the pack by slowly massaging it in circular directions . Wherever , you have facial hair remove the pack by slowly massaging in direction opposite to hair growth .
Do not mix any other juice with this pack as cabbage juice itself is high on various anti-oxidants.
Cabbage juice is a great detoxifying agent when taken internally . Read more about it HERE.

Everytime you grate a cabbage for salad make this easy-peasy pack . 🙂

Since all the ingredients are readily available this pack is easy to make and gives good results. So ladies do give it a try and let me know how you find it.

Thank you all for reading. I hope you all will like this pack and find it useful like I do.

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10 thoughts on “DIY Fresh Cabbage Juice Pack To Remove Tan And Skin Pigmentation

  1. This is quite different! i know cabbage juice is very good for health and especially for people with high acidity problem..i remember drinking it when i was in college..hated the taste..i have quite lot of spots n pigmentation on face..m def trying this next time i grate a cabbage! thanks for sharing

  2. All lovely ladies (ife,varsha,lakshmi,parita) this pack is real good . Do give it a try at tyhe earliest 🙂 good luck to all 🙂

  3. M regular reader of imbb..i m grt fan of rati di,jomol di,parita di,somreeta di and . . . . . ..dii.

    Thanks preeti di..i’ll definately try it..

  4. Hey… Can we add milk to it? I tried but I couldn’t get the cabbage juice..the juice wasn’t coming so I added little water to it OK?

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