12 Zero Figure Secrets Every Girl Should Know

We all want to look like Cinderella and aiming to go size zero one is a dream goal among most girls, but achieving a body like a doll needs a lot of dedication and will power. Before we delve further into topic, are you ready to dedicate some time and effort. Because everything is possible no matter what size you are, you just need that will power to keep going. To gain a size zero figure, you need to follow strict fad diet and follow a workout routine. There are so many Bollywood celebrities that look stunning in size zero figure some among them are Anushka Sharma, Katrina kaif, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra. Lets find out their secrets!

What is Size Zero?
Size zero figures refers to a bust of around 31-33, waist-23 inch and 34 inches of hips. To get this desirable figure, there should be a strict control of calorie intake throughout the day and some may even refer it as crash dieting. But the good news is, I don’t want my readers to try out anything unhealthy, so were providing tips to loose weight in a healthy way!

Zero-Figure Diet Plan:
1. Eat around 900-1000 calories per day – Throughout the day, you need to maintain your calorie intake below 1000 to reduce fat from the body.
2. Stick to fluids – You can consume fruit juices, like orange, watermelon, mix fruits or coconut water. Stay away from White sugar, you can use stevia as an alternative.
3. Consume vegetables – Feel free to add almost any vegetables to your diet, sprouts are another good option. You can cook it in olive oil/coconut oil. Vegetables will fuel your system and reduce weight at the same time!
4. Grains and pulses – All pulses are allowed, just remember tempering any pulses or vegetables is a big no-no as it increases the dish fat content. You can add dried nuts and dried fruits in your snacks to fulfil those evening hunger pangs.
5. Avoid rice – Since rice is loaded with carbohydrates, avoid rice as much as possible and consume chapattis instead.
6. Avoid outside food – If your really passionate about your goal you need to quit junk foods of all sorts. You can of course have cheat meals once every 10 days, but those nine days you need to religiously follow your diet.
7. Indulge yourself with soups – Many Bollywood celebrities consume soup as dinner in order to maintain flat stomach, soups are super nutritious and filling. You can try corn, mix vegetable, chicken, mushroom soup for dinner.
8. Load your fridge with salads and fruits – Salads and fruits are very low in calories and can improve your lifestyle in a healthy way. Consider have a giant bowl of salad with minimum dressing in lunch for a tiny looking waist. You can consume a fruit bowl as breakfast for a low calorie and healthy start of your day.
9. Say no to – To get the desired results, you need to avoid food which are fried, fast food, sugars, high in carbohydrates, packaged food, butter, cream, full fat milk, White bread, rice, chocolates etc.
10. Say yes to- Healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, dried nuts, lean meat, chicken, fish, egg, Indian cottage cheese (paneer) in moderation, pulses, peanuts, soups, multigrain roti/Bread, yogurt, fruit juices, coconut water, low fat milk.
11. Exercise – In order to reduce weight, you need to follow a high intensity workout. You need to do cardio for at least 30 minutes along with 30min of strength training or yoga or HIIT workout which targets the entire body fat, a total of 60 minutes of workout. Basically you need to do a workout which increases your heart rate, which means your burning calories. You can use YouTube or fit apps to shed those calories. Your 30min cardio can include running, cycling or any other cardiovascular activity. Running is so far the quickest way to shed weight. (Personal experience, lost 10kg of pregnancy weight).
12. Skip dairy – Instead of consuming dairy you can try almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk. Since dairy is known to increase fat in the body, these alternatives can improve your energy levels and helps you stay away from those calories. Green tea is another popular fat burning drink among many celebrities to enhance the flavour you can add ‘stevia’ as a sugar replacement. Consider having a cup of green tea on a empty stomach every morning for a flatter stomach.

Following the above tips can improve your overall fitness and can help you attain a size zero figure. Let us know your favorite tip in the comment below!

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