10 Beauty and Heath Benefits of Vitamin B12 You Should Know

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Festive greetings to all the wonderful ladies. As much as you like enhancing your features with makeup, it’s a must to maintain healthy skin and hair. It all boils down to proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Among the many essential nutrients, Vitamin B12 is a much needed one. Vitamin B12 or cobalamin plays a key role in normal functioning of body cells. Let me tell you about the numerous health and beauty benefits of Vitamin B12.

10 Beauty and Heath Benefits of Vitamin B12 You Should Know

1. Prevents Dryness and Dullness of skin:

A dull and unhealthy complexion maybe the result of Vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 improves the skin tone, texture and moisture retention power of the skin. As a result your skin appears brighter and nourished.

2. Useful for skin diseases:

Vitamin B12 helps to treat a number of skin conditions like vitiligo and eczema. It treats eczema and fights the symptoms that might lead to eczema. Also it aids in protection from vitiligo, which causes irregular white patches on the skin.

3. Heals Skin:

Vitamin B12 is beneficial in healing damaged skin and evening out skin tone. Cobalamin can lessen skin pigmentation to a great extent.

4. Maintains youthfulness:

10 Beauty and Heath Benefits of Vitamin B12 You Should Know

Don’t we all love smooth and supple, baby skin? Do you know that lack of Vitamin B12 can lead to premature lines and wrinkles? Cobalamin has significant anti-ageing properties which play an important role in restoring youthfulness and vitality of skin.

5. Prevents premature hair loss:

Vitamin B12 deficiency maybe the reason of premature hair loss. Our bodies cannot process Vitamin B12 on its own. But Vitamin B12 is necessary for utilization of food and metabolism. This may result in undernourished hair follicle cells thereby causing hair fall and slowing the hair growth rate.

6. Stimulates hair Growth:

10 Beauty and Heath Benefits of Vitamin B12 You Should Know

Cobalamin also stimulates hair growth. With proper vitamin B12 levels, body can regenerate more blood cells and thereby circulate nutrients. As a result hair follicles are properly nurtured, and hair growth rate increases.

7. Maintains natural color:

Melanin is a derivative of an amino acid known as tyrosine, which is responsible for the colour of hair and skin. Vitamin B12 helps to maintain melanin levels, retain pigmentation or original color of the hair. If premature greying is what bugs you, try adding Vitamin B12 supplements to stop the process.

8. Gives stronger nails:


Weak and brittle nails may indicate Vitamin B12 deficiency. To maintain your nail health, make sure you consume foods rich in Vitamin B12. Some symptoms of unhealthy nails include rigged nail surface and disappearing of the moon of the cuticle.

9. Relieves Fatigue:

Vitamin B12 helps to get rid of body weakness and fatigue. Vitamin B12 helps to improve the stamina of human body and gives you vitality and vigor.

10. Improves paleness and poor health:

Since cobalamin plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells, it is of much significance in diseases like anaemia. The deficiency of blood can lead to pale skin, low immune strength, fatigue and poor health in general. Regular intake of Vitamin B12 may yield significant results for an anaemic person.

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