10 Beauty Secrets of Bollywood Celebrities

Bollywood divas look effortlessly beautiful and it is not always because of the makeup and photoshop effects. Bollywood divas follow a lot of things to keep their skin beautiful. These are easy to follow tips and anyone can easily follow them without spending any extra money. In this post I will share those secrets with you all.

Skincare tips of bollywood celebs

1. Good Quality Sanitized Makeup

Whatever you put on the face affects the skin. Along with skin-care products, the Bollywood beauties are also very cautious about their makeup. They choose the best makeup products and never share them with anyone. You can follow this simple tip too. Buy the best product within your budget. Also, try to keep your products sanitized and keep the liquid lipsticks and mascaras just for personal use.

2. Cleanse

They take their time to get the makeup done and more time to get it removed. They do not apply makeup when it is not necessary at all (and they do not care when the paparazzi clicks their bare face photos). They use good quality oil based cleansers to get rid of all the makeup. The oil keeps the face nourished and moisturized too.

3. Serums and Moisturizers

Bollywood divas never underestimate the importance of good skincare products. Each one of them has their favorite serums and moisturizers. As they mostly stay in ACs, they keep reapplying the moisturizers. They carry a cream with them while traveling in a plane to prevent dehydration.

deepika face mask

4. Good Bye Junk Food

Junk food ruins your skin and Bollywood divas do not want their skin to be damaged. They mostly eat non-oily, homemade food and carry their own lunch and breakfasts. If you are working or a college student, try to carry homemade food. It is not only cheaper, but also healthier and better for your skin.

5. Cut down the Sugar

Just like junk food, sugar also ruins your skin. Bollywood actresses stay away from sugar as much as they can. They avoid pastries, desserts and sugar in any drink. If you follow this tip for a month, you will see drastic change in your skin.

6. Exercise

This may sound surprising, but it is true. Exercising is not only important for slimming down the body. As you exercise, you sweat a lot and your body releases the harmful toxins. The blood circulation also improves. This shows a great glowing effect on your skin. Bollywood actresses know this truth and follow their gym routines seriously. If you do not believe me, follow their post-gym pictures and you will definitely appreciate the rosy glow.

7. Drink Water

They drink a lot of water to keep the skin soft and hydrated. Dehydrated skin looks dull and they definitely do not want that. The celebs always carry water bottles and keep sipping water every now and then (papparazis spot them with water bottles more often that with their partners).

8. Coconut Water

Bollywood celebs are big fans of coconut water. This natural detox drink flushes out the toxin, supply your body with nutrients and make the skin glow. They also apply coconut water on face. Thus the water works from inside and also on the skin to make it glow.

9. Eat Right Food

Eating the right food for your skin is very important. Bollywood divas eat foods that are rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. This help to maintain the skin health from within and outside and keep it naturally beautiful. Wise choice of diet reflects in your skin and you wills see results if you do the same.

10. Sleep Well

Their life is not all about night long parties. The actresses maintain a strict routine when they want to stay in the business for long. Most of them do not attend late night parties and sleep for long enough. They also avoid drinking and smoking to a great extend. Enough sleep is important if you want to say goodbye to dull skin and eye bags. Follow a good sleep routine and your dark circles will be gone without any under eye cream.

These tips are so simple, that you can follow them without investing in any added product. Try to follow these tips and you will glow like the divas.

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