10 Best Pink Lip Liners

10 Best Pink Lip Liners

After the red and nude in the series, let us see the best pink lip liners today all three of which are really staples in my collection,a smudge proof lip pencil can work wonder to your lipstick, take a look;


Essence Lip Liner Cute Pink

The name itself describes the color really well. I just love this particular shade of pink; it is a perfect pink not too dark not too light. This is such a shade that will not wash out any skin tones, but at the same time is not very dark as well. I like wearing it on its own as well because of the beautiful color and creamy texture. It does not dry out my lips and feels very comfortable and lightweight.

MaxFactor Colour Elixir Lip Liner – 04 Pink Princess

The consistency is very creamy. It won’t make your lips look very dry. Also, a little bit goes a long way and by that, I mean that it is very pigmented.this pink has some gold undertones to it, it makes my lipstick last longer.


Lotus Herbals Seduction Lip Contour Definer in Pink Berry

This is a pretty mauve pink to have, This shade goes with a variety of lipsticks which is again a win-win situation for me.This liner is pretty good in terms of texture as it is neither too creamy nor too hard, that tugs or pulls your lips. You will get proper pigmentation with one stroke and does not budge easily


Colorbar Lip Definer – Mad Pink

The color is a peach pink, it is more on the pinker side, but it is a milky pink, so it is good for a base but it might stand out lighter than most of your pink lipstick, fill this as a base and cover the entire lips with your lipstick, then it works fine, it helps to make lippies last longer and stop any color bleeding.


Rimmel London Exaggerate Automatic Lip Liner – Pure

This is a nice dull pink rose kinds of shade suited to most Indian skin tones.


Diana of London Absolute Moisture Lip Liner – Berry Bloom

I picked just one to try and this one is a classic wooden one and comes in a classic blooming pink, I love it.The pencils is easily sharpenable and does not crumble due to softness.The pigmentation is superb and the color too


Diana of London Absolute Moisture Lip Liner – Baccara Rose

Outline your lips, and then fill in lipstick with a brush. For a more matt effect, Fill in the whole lip area with the Absolute Moisture Lipliner, and then blend with a brush. Ideal for making thin lips look fuller, or for minimizing lips that are too full.


Chambor Velvette Touch Lipliner Pencil PK 11

It goes very well with mauve and most of the shades of pink and blends nicely, gives a great shape to the lips. Just one application is enough.


Ulta Automatic Lip Liner Bloom

Bloom is a very pretty rosy pink. It’s a very appropriate shade of pink for all skin tones across all age groups. I am sure all you pretty gals are going to enjoy this shade as much as I love it

Bourjois Levres Contour Lip liner Framboise Exquise 18

Shade# 18 is a bubble gum pink shade more like a bright raspberry pink. As you all are aware about Bourjois lip liners these come in a wooden pencil which can be easily sharpened, hygienic and easy to use.


Tempted to buy Chambor, Bourjois and more Colorbar now 😛 What about you?

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