10 Common Tips about Relationship that Ruin Your Love Life

Hi ladies,
Not all tips are worth getting your attention. Here are some relationship tips that you might have been hearing for a long time now. Let’s find out how many of them are true!
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1. You won’t find anyone other than your partner attractive
I always tell my guy if I find any guy attractive, be it virtually or real life. There is nothing wrong in the fact that we all are human beings and it is completely ok to find someone attractive as long as you are not acting on that feeling. There will be times that you will find someone attractive; you don’t need to feel guilty about it at all!

2. You shouldn’t have arguments with your partner
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There is no couple in this world that fights more than us but we still are crazy about each other no matter what. Ugly fights and unnecessary arguments for a long period of time can get stressful for a relationship but if you are getting your point across and you both are learning something about each other then there is no harm in that. Little arguments can sometimes be good for a relationship.

3. Giving space in relationship will end up things
You are in a relationship but you are also two different individuals. You guys don’t need to be with each other at all times of the day. It is ok to do your things individually and have your own space sometimes. Although, doing your own things all the time may not be a good idea. Spend all the time in the world together but don’t forget to reserve some “me” time for yourself.

4. Perfect relationships are effortless
Whoever told you this has never been in a relationship before! Relationships are not effortless. They require constant efforts to understand and communicate with each other. Your relationship may seem effortless to the world with only you know the real deal behind it!

5. Unconditional love always pays off
If you both are in a happy space as a couple and you love each other unconditionally then that will definitely pay off! But if you have a serial cheating boyfriend and you are loving him unconditionally thinking that he might change one day will not get you anywhere in the relationship.

6. A relationship will complete you
If you are single and feel incomplete and feel that a relationship will fill that void then you can’t be more wrong about it. You need to be happy and content with yourself as an individual and then get in a relationship.

7. Having a child together will bring you closer
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If you guys are having a troubled relationship and feel that a baby will bring you closer then you might be mistaken. It will be like sweeping your troubles under a blanket and distracting yourselves with a huge responsibility. The right time to have a baby is when you both are ready and are in a happy space as a couple.

8. If someone loves you, they’ll know what you want
This one is especially for you ladies! Your poor guy is not a mind reader no matter how much he loves you; he still won’t be able to figure out what you are thinking all the time. If you feel that something is bothering you then you need to tell him straight up.

9. You shouldn’t change for someone
You shouldn’t turn your life upside down for the one you love. This way you will lose your individual self. Although, be ready to compromise and make few changes in your lifestyle to fit with one another like jigsaw puzzle.

10. Jealousy is a true sign of love
If you guys are protective and possessive about each other and sometimes feel jealous then that is completely ok! But if one of you is showing jealousy and signs of malicious behaviour then it just might mean that person is just insecure!

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2 thoughts on “10 Common Tips about Relationship that Ruin Your Love Life

  1. Completely agree with each tips. We are in a relationship for over 5 years now, and we are actually engaged in fights every now and then. No matter what, we will patch up very well (though it might take some more time in most of the cases). We used to say “there is no fear that we might have a lot of fights after marriage”simply because we do it very well even now ????????

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