10 Effortless Tips to Protect and Nourish Color-Treated Hair

By Surabhi Singh

It’s always fun to experiment with hair and hair colouring treatments are the best ways to experiment. However, when it comes to protecting our coloured hair, a slight mistake can affect the health of your hair badly. Taking good care of coloured hair is necessary to avoid fading of colour and damaging of hair. Not taking ample care of colour-treated hair can add extra cost to the process as you have to visit the salon more frequently to keep the colour intact. On the other hand, if your hair is well conditioned, it will add life to your colour. Read on to find out a few effortless tips to protect and nourish color-treated hair.

Do not skip conditioner

Dry, oily or normal, your hair type doesn’t matter if you have coloured your hair. Make sure you apply a conditioner each time you wash your hair. Post colour treatment, hair becomes dry, brittle and damage prone. Hence, a proper conditioning routine is very necessary to keep your tresses healthy. Always use a colour protecting conditioner as it will add a subtle shine to your hair and increase the longevity of the colour.

Do not rinse hair with hot water

Using hot water to rinse your coloured hair will only damage it. It will extract the dye from your hair and make your follicles open, letting the colour molecules to escape. While rinsing your hair after shampooing, it is best to stick with lukewarm water to avoid any damage.

Use a colour protecting shampoo

Always use a colour protecting shampoo to protect your coloured hair as a normal shampoo will not be able to keep your coloured hair healthy. These shampoos are specially meant to protect coloured hair from getting damaged. They form a protective layer on your coloured hair which keeps the colour intact and makes it last longer. To avoid dryness and roughness always try to use a nourishing shampoo meant for colour protection.

Keep your hair deeply nourished

For keeping your hair deeply nourished, try hot oil treatments on a regular basis. You can oil your hair twice or thrice a week. As we all know oiling our hair makes it healthy and gorgeous while adding a subtle shine. You can also use a homemade nourishing mask for deep nourishment. It will add a protective layer to your hair and keep the colour from washing off. This will help your colour-treated hair to regain its lost shine.

Use leave-in treatments

Using a leave-in treatment helps in conditioning your colour treated hair while detangling it easily. It also makes your hair look healthy. Use a leave-in treatment specifically designed for coloured hair. It will protect your hair against any damage. If you use hot tools for your hair then these leave-in treatments can make a huge difference. They will protect your hair from heat and other damaging elements while adding a shine to your hair.

Shampoo less frequently

Shampooing coloured hair frequently can further damage it. As we all know, over-shampooing strips off your scalp from natural oils which are necessary for keeping hair healthy. Over shampooing will make your coloured hair extra dry and the colour will wash off sooner.

Avoid heating tools

Try not to use blow dryers, curling rods and straighteners frequently to keep your hair damage-free. If you are planning to use any hot tool, always use a heat protectant to avoid damage. As discussed above, leave-in-treatments can also be very effective in protecting colour treated hair against heat.

Cover your hair

If you are going out in the sun, do not forget to cover your coloured hair. Coloured hair is more susceptible to damage because of the harmful UV rays. This can make your hair brittle and dry. Keeping your hair covered, will boost health and keep your colour intact.

Care while swimming

Chlorine is present as a disinfectant in the water; it can damage your coloured hair. It is a strong bleaching agent and will alter the colour of your hair, hence all your effort, money and patience will go in vain. Always take proper precautions before stepping into the swimming pool. To take care of your colour-treated hair in the pool, read 7 easy ways to protect colour-treated hair when you go swimming.

Maintain a healthy diet

A healthy diet is a key to all your hair problems. Try to have an iron and protein rich diet. It is very effective in keeping your scalp healthy. It also improves the texture of your hair and making it look smoother and shinier. To keep your colour treated hair at its best, consume egg whites, spinach and soybean.

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