10 Prettiest Hair and Makeup Combos that’ll Never Look Boring

By Chanchala Bose

Hi IMBBians,

How many times do you look ravishing from head to toe? At times our hair isn’t perfect and at times our makeup does not go well with the outfit. But today, in this post, I am going to show you ten prettiest hair and makeup combos that have always looked great together and will always. Cannot wait to see them, right?


1. Loose wavy hair with lightly flushed cheeks


One of the easiest and prettiest everyday looks is loose wavy hair paired with lightly flushed cheeks. This will give you an everyday yet chic look. This is perfect for daytime outings and can be donned with those summer dresses and even jumpsuits.

2. Topknot and Hot Fuchsia Lips


When you have no time for a perfect hair and makeup look then all you need is a light elastic band to tighten your unkempt hair into a top bun. To remove the tired look and gloomy effect from your hair, pair it with a hot fuchsia lippie and you are all ready to rock the day or even night. With this effortlessly statement look, you are bound to turn heads.

3. Side Braid with Pink Pout


A side braid creates a perfectly feminine look. And, to play with this feminine look, you need to wear a light rosy pink lipstick on your lips. This will bring the soft feminine look.

4. Low Ponytail with Red Lipstick


Low ponytail is such a classic look. When you pair it with a red lipstick, you bring that matured look of yours to the forefront. The overall look is extremely beautiful and gives an impression that you haven’t tried too hard to look great.

5. Side Swept Hair with Glossy Lips


Side swept hair makes you look younger and glossy lips add to the playfulness. Together, these two give a very young, fun and vibrant look to the personality.

6. Straight Hair with Smokey Eyes


Straight hair can sometimes look a bit boring and fail to catch any attention. In order to create an intense effect and to jazz things up, pair straight hair with smokey eyes. The look will overall be sexy and sultry.

7. Beachy Waves with Bronzed Skin


Beachy waves call for a beach! Complement your gorgeous beachy waves with tanned skin. So whenever you’re planning to buy a hairspray to create the look of beachy waves, don’t forget to buy a good bronzer too. 😉

8. Curly Hair and Thick Brows


In order to give yourself a retro look, curl your hair nicely and enjoy those loose curls at the bottom. To create a perfect, timeless retro look, keep focus only on the brows by making them appear fuller.

9. Sleek Ponytail with Orange Lips


A sleek ponytail is such a peppy hairstyle. Hence, you need a bright and peppy lipstick to complement it. Don’t forget to keep the rest of your makeup muted, though.

10. Short Hair with Red Lipstick


Short hair looks so fresh, cool and sporty, but can it look sexy too? Yes! To bring out the sexy side, pair your short hair with a flattering red lipstick. This combo will surely make you look edgy and smoking hot.

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