11 Elle 18 Color Pops Lipsticks From my Collection

11 Elle 18 Color Pops Lipsticks From my Collection

Today when Swati mentioned in her lipstick review that we should have 10 of these, I went back to see how many I had 😛 and I realized I have ten 😛 so I thought why not compile some lipsticks and see how you like them. There are loads of more elle18 color pops on IMBB so check them out below.

Elle 18 Color Pops Lipstick Collection

So lets start..I should tell you that except berry brook, none of the shades have any obvious shimmer, all the shades are awesome and worth having of course I will list my favs at the end, you can read all the shade reviews with the links..and check out these look on the lips in the individual reviews 🙂

lipstick collection


elle 18 lipstick

Hot Pink and PInken:

rati beauty ad

Hot pink: This one is a blue based pink shade and i really love it, it is super creamy, no shimmer and pigmented as well. I think fair skin tone will love it a lot. It is a very young shade and it is a a must-have from this range.

left pinken, right hot pink
elle 18 lipstick hot pink and pinken



Pinken: This one again is a nude pink and is a must have, it is creamy but not as pigmented. It has no shimmer and suggest this shade to all complexions and it is great for office and college wear if you dont like much color on your lips.

Pomegranate pie, Mystery Mauve, Berry Brook:

Pomegranate pie is my absolute fav, it is just the right creamy mauve pink and really suits all complexions kind of pink IMO, I am actually thinking of buying a back up of this since it is a creamy shade with such an awesome price tag.

Mystery mauve : It is like a dirty mauve purple shade, it is super creamy as well and breaks easily like many of the above, it makes me look a little darker but I think darker skin tones will like it better.

left to right;

pomegrante pie, mystery mauve, berry brook (swatches as well )

elle 18 color pops lipstick pomegranate, mystery mauve, berry brook

Berry brook:

This one is a lighter version of Mystery mauve but it has a lot of silver shimmer to it nevertheless is a great shade.

Rusty, Cinnamon Bun, Cranberry:

Rusty: again a must have if you like orangey shades, it is not as pigmented but it is fine to wear it lightly since it goes on bright, recommended fair skin tones and younger women.

Cinnamon bun: This one is again a light nude shade, it barely shows up on me and makes for a great office wear and it is creamy i do wish it were more pigmented, college girls can check this out.

left to right: cranberry, cinnamon bun, rusty

elle 18 color pops lipstick 2



A creamy brown bronze kind of shade, it does not have shimmer but yes it is kind of little metallic, but if you like browns, try this one, super pigmented, creamy and nice for darker skin tones.

Roasty red, rosy blush, Pink fever:

Roasty red is a nice brick kind of shade, it is a light brick so should suit every body, creamy but pigmentation could be better.

Rosy blush:

This is a nice red to have, really brightens face, is creamy but could be more pigmented, no shimmer, so if you like orange reds, try this one.

PInk Fever:

This is not my favorite but it comes in a nice maroon brown metallic sheen kind of shade, it looks better on the lips than in the tube, very creamy and pigmented, mature women would like it better.

left to right; Roasty red, rosy blush, pink fever

elle 18 lipstick cranberry, rusty

I’m sorry half of them have melted, need to be done away with after this post and some need to be repurchased, these are so fragile these will break with the slightest amount of pressure. Some have gotten old but most of them turn crumbly very soon. Use them with a brush if you dont want to break them.

11 elle 18 color pops lipsticks

My picks: pinken, pomegranate pie, roasty red, rusty, hot pink, rosy blush 🙂 almost all 😛

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31 thoughts on “11 Elle 18 Color Pops Lipsticks From my Collection

  1. they all look so pretty together…like a big joint family…..thats the reason i wanted atleast 10 of them …..amazing collection *happy dance* *happy dance*

  2. hey Neha nice compilation….do them more often….it is always nice to have such posts handy..I am so bookmarking this one….I personally like cinnamon bun and rusty…both of them nice nude shades… 😀

  3. some of them are creamy i love them
    which ones do u have?
    some of them are crumbling so u might not have liked it

  4. that’s a suuupeeerrr woww collection neha . The pinks are soo prettyyy *happy dance* *happy dance* Great post *clap* *clap* *clap*

  5. Lol i feel so ashamed of myself because i have only two lol *hihi* *hihi* awesome yaaa… you must be toh enjoying *happydance* i loved the pinks the most *drool*

  6. refrigerate them neha. i have 3 of them which i bought on your recommendation about 6 months back. they last so much better. they don’t break since they get hard enough to handle.

  7. Love the shades! I have never bought any stuff from Elle18. You wrote these lipsticks are rather delicate; how long do they stay in good condition?

    1. rene in the fridge they should be good for 6 months
      if you apply with a lip brush then another three months
      i apply directly hence they break

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