10 Awesome Beauty Prep Tips for Indian Brides

By Aditya M.

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With all these lovely weddings coming up, it only seems fit to write and article about beauty preparation before the big event! Whether you’re the bride to be or simply attending your best friend’s wedding, you want to look your best because this moment will be captured by hundreds of pictures and videos. Before the big day, you should make yourself a little checklist. It’s the best way to keep organized and follow through with everything.

1. As basic as this sounds, make sure you’re washing your face daily as well as applying a moisturizer which has a SPF  of above 30 during the day time and a moisturizer that has anti-aging properties at night. You should also be exfoliating twice a week to keep your skin fresh and dewy.

2. Start planning a mini time-table for your facials. It’s important to keep skin looking young and supple especially leading up to the big day. Try getting facials done every four to six weeks starting six months before your wedding day. Make sure to try different types of facials and see which one works the best for you. Also, remember to not apply soap until five hours after your facial has been washed off as this might cause a reaction.


3. This one might be a little difficult which is why you should definitely start early. Grow out your eyebrows a decent amount before your wedding events. Make sure your eyebrows are completely grown out six weeks before your wedding so that you can get the most thick and luscious eyebrows possible.

4. Drop the flat iron and opt for more natural hairstyles. Keeping heat away and doing weekly deep conditioning treatments should be done in order to make hair feel softer and healthier leading up to the big day. Try avocado and coconut oil conditioning treatments as they provide a lot of moisture to dry and coarse hair.

5. Growing out your hair is essential for any Indian bride. Start growing out your hair as early as possible and if you need a trim, make sure your stylist knows not to cut off more than 1/8th of an inch. If you have very short hair but you’d like the traditional Indian bride look, opt for high quality real hair extensions.

6. If you’re one to dye your hair often, make sure you go to the best colorist your city has to offer. Also, tell him/her all the details and chemical processes your hair may have gone through so that they can suggest their input. Also make sure you clearly tell them what you’d like instead of going along with what they like, or incorporate them together.

7. Get your hair stylist and makeup artist to do a trial run before the wedding day. In order to know for sure what you want, you should try out the hairstyle and specific makeup you had in mind. It’s better to do a trial run and see what problems might occur than wait until the day of.

Bridal hairstylist

8. Make appointments for weekly manicures and monthly pedicures. Your nails should be trimmed but not too short and stubby. Avoid keeping your long nails for your wedding because it becomes a hassle with all of the work you’ll have to do. Medium length nails with rounded square edges will always be classy and chic.


9. Try a spa treatment for your entire body two to three times before your wedding. It’ll pull out any excess oil or dirt that may still be in your skin. If a spa treatment isn’t an option, have a friend apply purifying mud or a clay mask all over your body to give it the boost it needs for your big day. This could also be a way to spend time with your close friends in the midst of all the wedding preparations.

10. For your big day, you may decide to get a bikini wax or a Brazilian wax for the first time ever, but you should definitely not wait until your wedding day if you choose to remove hair in this method. Bikini waxes or any hair removal should start three months before the wedding to see if your skin can get used to it. Waxing in such a sensitive area may produce reddening and rashes as well so it’s important to know for sure what your skin can and can’t tolerate.

But remember, the most important beauty tip is to be happy. Happiness fights off free radicals, and improves your overall well being, and you’ll definitely notice the physical changes stemming from it. Wedding planning can be really stressful so make sure you’re taking some time out of your day everyday to de-stress and relax.

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