10 Must-Have Beauty and Fashion Items to Perk Up Boring Work Days

By Pallavi Mahendra

Hello again ladies!

This is Pallavi and today I’m going to be talking about beauty and fashion must-haves for work. OK, tell me how many of you really wake up and start singing cos it’s a Monday? How many of you use that extra hour before work to try on outfits with a smile on your face? If you do these things, then read no more! On most days you’re running late for work, clothes that could make any girl look stunning, look like crap to you? Trust me, I can relate with you for it happens with me all the time. Now we can’t go shopping every few days. So here are a few tricks to give a twist to your outfits and to your mood.

10 Must-Have Beauty and Fashion Items to Perk Up Boring Work Days

1. Lipstick

A woman without a lipstick is like a man without beard, said some very wise man once. I like this man. 😀 We all know how important a role lipstick plays in our makeup. So no matter how late you’re for work, never forget to put on that nude or red or any of your favorite lipper, only a subtle one though. Don’t go for in-your-face colors.

2. Perfume

best perfume for women

rati beauty ad

Body odour plays a vital role in your personality. I still remember a particular fragrance of a lady who crossed me on the Mall Road in Shimla from almost ten years back. She smelled heavenly. Such beautiful fragrances leave an impression that others can’t forget. Don’t wear anything too strong with alcohol base. A fruity or flowery fragrance works best for office.

3. Watch

What is the one thing that we women notice the first in men? The watch is the most common answer. So does men, ladies. And, even women notice other women’s watches. So, a rose gold watch is a must have for those office days.

4. Well-kept nails

well groomed nails
It is very important to have neat, tidy, and well polished nails. Hands are the way of telling about your personal hygiene. So make sure you go for those manicure appointments regularly.

5. Shoes

Someone very rightfully said, “shoes take you to good places”. Shoes define your whole look so chose wisely women. Be it a pair or sneakers or heels, wear something trendy to get that attention from your co-workers, but make sure your shoes are always comfortable.

6. Bags

It’s impossible for women to go to their workplace without their handbags. Carry a statement piece. A tote or a shoulder bag in a tan colour is a must-have, ladies.

7. Scarves

scarf outfits

They can make our oh-so-boring white shirts look oh-so-elegant! A scarf can be styled in various ways. Moreover, you get one at very cheap price, so you can add as many of them to your collection.

8. Jewelry

That's me! :)
That’s me! 🙂

In order to make your appearance look unique, wear jewelry. It brightens up your look. A few points to keep in mind though – don’t wear bangles or such jewelry that make noise as it can be annoying at work.

9. Don’t wear too many rings

Wear a statement neck piece with a bodycon dress. A pair of white pearl studs complements the whole formal look.

10. Belts

A belt can make or break a dress. Pick a nice, sleek belt to wear on your waistline. Wear a peach shirt with red skirt and a golden belt to look your best.

Bonus Tip : Confidence

confidence quote

You can never wear enough of that! No matter how much you dress up, your confidence is the only thing that will create a lasting impression.

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