MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl Review

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The first white eye liner I ever heard about was MAC eye kohl ‘fascinating’ and ever since then I have wanted it. I dug a hole in my pocket and bought this product and ever since I have come to regret spending my precious $16. Why a MAC product was such a dud, one may ask, keep reading to know why.

MAC fascinating eye kohl

Product Description:
A soft-on pencil liner that lines, defines and shades the eyes with rich colour and a silky-smooth, matte/pearl finish. Ophthalmologist tested.

MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl

Ingredients: Not mentioned

Price: $ 16

My Take On MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl:

White eye liner makes eyes look bigger and brighter, even gives a doll like doe – eyed effect, but this effect is not so appealing on dusky tanned skin tones. On the contrary, a buff color eye liner works better for us tan skin beauties but unfortunately, I had this epiphany after I bought this product.

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Packaging: It’s a solid, long black pencil with a plastic cap. With few weeks, the cap developed a crack and since then I have been extra cautious with it. It’s not a twist up pencil and has to be sharpened often.

MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl  Packaging

Texture: It’s a smooth white kohl with creamy texture but not too creamy on water line or the eye lid, and tugs a little.

Color: Bright pearl white color.

MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl  Color

Pigmentation: For MAC product this shade has a poor pigmentation and one sweep gives hardly any color on the water line and dull white color on the lid. Multiple strokes are required to get something to look like a white eye liner.

MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl  Shade

Shimmer and shine: No shimmer and shine; it gives a matte finish.

MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl  Pigmentation

Wear time: Apply this product on water line and blink a couple of times, the water line would be sans the eye liner. It stays for a bit longer duration on the lid but tops 2 -3 hours – it starts to smudge and soon vanishes into a faint white gooey mess.

MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl  Pigmentation

Conclusion: This shade is pretty and versatile but this product does a poor justice to the highly exaggerated claims. The white eye liner by NYX, Rimmel and Lakme are way better than the one by MAC. I am not sure about the other shades in this range, but this one was a big disappointment. In fact, this shade has bad reviews online but I read them only after I bought this product. Since then I have been skeptic of buying any white eye liner, since it might turn out to be a fiasco like the last one.

Pros of MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl:

• Good packaging- long pencil with plastic cap.
• Available in 12 shades.

Cons of MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl:

• Poor pigmentation.
• Poor staying power both on water line and lids.
• Smudges on eye lid.
• Very expensive for an eye liner.
• Has to be sharpened every time.
• Tugs and pulls on eye lid.
• Plastic cap is fragile.

Would I Repurchase MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl??
No, but one day I will get the courage to overcome my paranoia and buy white eye liner in other brands and explore the doll eye look.

IMBB Rating: 1/5

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  1. yeah you are so right. A buff/skin toned liner would suit us better – I think rimmel has one – but it hasnt been launched here in india

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