10 Tricks to Look 10 Years Younger Instantly

Everyone amongst us isn’t that lucky to have sufficient time to look after a religious and perfect skincare regime. The way we engross ourselves into our routine chores and busy schedules, increases stress level with lesser rest periods to make us look older. We can’t reverse the damage instantly but we can conceal and hide those effects in ten minutes with these ten beauty tricks to look younger.

Years Younger Instantly

1. Don’t skip the moisturizer:
Every moisturizer need not cost hundreds of dollars for a good performance in your stash. Save your age defying and wrinkle reducing ones for bed time as we all know the thumb rule of skin’s health; skin heals at night time when we sleep. Keep the sun protection, skin oil balancing and moisturizing ones for day time. If you have dry skin, simply look for those to fight dry patches. If you own an oily one, even then don’t skip it; rather indulge in oil balancing moisturizers and enjoy the radiant youthful appearance of your skin. Not to forget, SPF is equally important for every beauty regardless of skin type.

2. Wear Minimal Makeup:
The more we learn about make-up products, the more we want to use all of them. This is a basic mistake. Another one is that we try to look beautiful by using the wrong technique of slathering makeup layers. Just keep in mind that “less is more” and use makeup with modesty. Even a light coverage foundation, simple eyeliner, a light-neutral eyeshadow (just to brighten up the eyelids that darken with age) and a suitable lipstick can make you stand out in the crowd.

3. Don’t forget the eyebrows:
We often ignore the drastic effect eyebrows plays on our looks. Instead of keeping them ultra thin, keep them neutrally fuller and natural looking. Fill them with natural looking brow powder and see the difference. A pencil gives shape and brow powder enhances a softer look. Use an angled brow brush and if you ever go overboard, a spooley brush will take care of it in seconds.

4. Go with naturally flushed cheeks:
Always choose a blush for regular use based on the natural flush that appears on your cheeks while you are blushing. If you have wrinkles or dry patches, opt for a cream blush over powder one to reduce their appearance.

5. Use lip gloss over lipsticks:
It isn’t always mandatory to use matte lipsticks and stick to cream finish. Try out topping your favourite ones with lip gloss to add some glamour and a plumping effect to lips. This trick will definitely make you look younger, the effect is guaranteed.

6. Take care of your hands and feet:
No matter how much you have invested in a youthful or whitening facial, your hands and feet are the tale-tell sign of your age. Next time when you want to catch someone else’s age-defying makeover, don’t forget to take a look at your hands. The simplest trick is to use a minimum SPF-15 lotion/moisturiser for hands to save them from aging faster. Also, pull out some time from your routine chores for a manicure and pedicure fortnightly.

7. Change and make use of your fragrances:
Oh! We all are often in such a rush and forget those beautiful scents that are left sitting on the vanity. Also, don’t always go for rose and jasmine floral scents. They are linked with the 80’s era and older women often. Experience and shuffle between floral, fruity, vibrant and tropical scents. Try it, I ensure it will boost your mood and energy.

8. Take an appointment for scaling:
The next time you are looking for a facial, manicure and pedicure treatment, think about an appointment with the dentist for scaling if you haven’t had that in a long time. Believe me, it makes a difference. Whiter, clean teeth make you look younger and fresh. As we grow up, we indulge in more and more caffeine, which leaves stains on our teeth which need to be taken care of for a mesmerizing smile.

9. Take a haircut and change hairstyles:
I think most of you must have noticed that every time you get your tresses trimmed or shaped up, you look several years younger than you looked earlier. Even the effect stays till when the fringes grow mid length, right? Keep switching between hairstyles according to your face shape and comfort zone. A change in life brings positive energy that too can make you look younger. If you would like to experiment more, try getting highlights or some streaking.

10. Stay happy:
Last but the most important one, stay happy. There is no medicine as effective as happiness. Take a good sleep whenever possible and take time out for rest periods in between your busy life. Recreational activities are equally important. Also, don’t always look forward to bigger happiness events; even a small gesture or deed can make you happy. The key is you need to change your vision towards happiness and it will reverse your aging process slowly and gradually. Remember, women are often associated with jealousy emotions and it is a fire which burns inside that will only damage you. Not the one you are jealous with. Get inspired with good people and good things. Love life and be thankful for whatever you have. Positive energy is the best energy to keep you radiant and glowing.

Have a nice time!

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  1. Awesome post Sumera, really loved it! But, I won’t follow all the points for I don’t wanna look 15! 😛

    1. Haha Shika 😀 well since i am just about to touch my 30’s i will have to follow atleast 6 of them to go back to my 24 looks 😀 Thank you so much and thanks for adding awesome images <3

  2. I loved your article dear…
    Specially the last point.. No matter what you apply, if you r not happy u cant look beautiful..

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