11 Great Summer Hairstyles for Workplace

Hello beautiful ladies,
Summer is finally here. These days, most of our IMBB writers are mentioning in their posts about the rising heat at their places. Calling all the envy, I am currently in a city where we still cannot do without at least one sweater. I cannot help you escape the merciless weather. But I decided to help our working ladies to beat the heat with some simple and stylish hairstyles to wear to work.

11 Great Summer Hairstyles for Workplace

1. The classic bun

classic high bun
Not only does it save all your thought and time deciding on a hairstyle, it also gives you the clean and classic look for work. And let us not forget how it rescues through bad hair days!

2. Low chignon

low chignon
This gives you a totally polished look for office. When it comes to business hairstyles, the most important rule is to never have your hair falling over your face. That does not mean you cannot sport bangs. Just take care to keep them away from your face for a professional look.

3. The side braid

side braid
This one is my personal favorite. You can wear it almost anywhere and with almost any outfit. It gives you the neat look without compromising with style.

4. French braid

french braid
If you want a neater look, opt for the very popular French braid. It does take some time but the patience is worth the outcome.

5. Reverse French braid

reverse french braid
If you think the classic French braid is getting too mainstream, try this modified version. I learnt it from YouTube. I love it so much because every single time I sport it, the compliments just start pouring in!

6. Crown braids

crown braid
This hairstyle is having its ‘it’ moment. Go for a neat version for a work chic look. It can be worn to casual work environments.

7. Sleek ponytail

sleek ponytail
Just opt for a sleek ponytail; go for either high or low. This hairstyle is a sure favorite among celebrities too.

8. Inverted ponytail

inverted ponytail
To add a twist of style to your regular pony, sport this modified version. Make a looser ponytail, so that you can insert the invert tool between the elastic band and your head. Now pull the hair through the loop and then pull it down. You will basically pull the whole ponytail through the space between your head and the elastic band and create an interesting and beautiful hairstyle. You can even make it with or without the inverting tool, although it is a bit trickier.

9. Side ponytail

side pony
The hairstyle couldn’t be any easier to make. You just need to take all of your hair and tie it on one side, just below your ear. That’s all there is. Of course, you can add more to this hairstyle. If you have some extra time, you can add waves to your hair and make a wavy side ponytail. That looks amazing. If you’re wearing fringes, put them on the same side the ponytail is tied to. Apply little hair spray or gel to make sure that the fringe stays in place.

10. Braided ponytail

Braid Ponytail
Simply braid your hair up to the neck. You can choose any braid style that you like. Once you reach your neck, gather all the hair together and tie it into a pony!

11. French twist

french twist
This very sophisticated and elegant hairstyle makes one of the best for work. Gather your hair in a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Do not tie it. Take the ponytail and twist it around and upwards. Hold the roll with one hand and pin it with bobby pins with the other. Spray any loose ends with hairspray or pin them with bobby pins as well. You can also make your French roll from top to bottom. Gather your hair at the top of your head and pin it at the nape.

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4 thoughts on “11 Great Summer Hairstyles for Workplace

  1. Awesome shreya 🙂 I liked all hair styles and find them pretty easy and doable on everyday basis. The low chignon and messy bun are my all time favs 😀

  2. I work from home and can now don only two hairstyles – a basic ponytail and a bun. 😛 Guess, need to learn some hairstyles now.

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