12 Brilliant Curling Iron Tricks Everyone Should Know

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I have wavy hair, and I absolutely love the texture of my hair. I don’t want straight hair, and the times I do want to exaggerate my hair waves, a curling rod comes to my rescue. There are so many ways to use a curling iron; the first time I used them, I didn’t know a single one. Then to ease the curling process, I started reading and to my amazement I found such brilliant hacks. I am not a huge fan of using heat tools on my hair, so I mostly avoid them. But for those who love experimenting, here are a few brilliant hacks.

12 Brilliant Curling Iron Tricks Everyone Should Know

1. Barrel sizes

culing wand size

There are different barrel sizes for different kinds of curl. If you’re a fan of tighter waves, use a smaller diameter of barrel. If you like loose curls and more waves, use a larger diameter barrel for curling your hair.

2. Tight curls

right way to curl hair

If you like skinny, tighter curls, twist your hair before you wrap it around wand. It’s best for wavy haired girls who want curly hair.

3. Modern curl

modern curl

There’s this new type of curl, modern curl. To achieve that, wrap your hair around the wand and leave an inch or so at the end. Don’t use the clamp on the wand. If you’re trying it for the first few times, use a glove as you may end up burning your fingers.

4. The right time to use a hairspray

use hairspray before curling

If you want your curls to survive, use a hairspray before curling your hair. Also, the closer to the root you start curling your hair, the longer it’ll last. To make it last all day, leave only an inch from the root.

5. For perfect beach waves

beach waves with curling wand

We are all a fan of beach waves. To get them easily, pull the curl from the end as soon as you remove the it from the wand. It’s easier to achieve the look, while your hair is still hot.

6. To curl a ponytail

curl hair in a ponytail

For easy curling, tie your hair in a ponytail and then curl. I have thick hair, so curling gets difficult. With my hair in a ponytail, I can easily sort my hair. This is my all-time favourite hack.

7. Don’t make this mistake

The first time I curled my hair at home, the biggest mistake I made was with the quantity of hair I was wrapping on the wand. I was taking very thick sections at once. Take thin sections of hair for easy and better curls.

8. For tighter and long-lasting curls

To make your curls tighter and last longer, clip the curl on your head as soon as you remove the section of hair from the wand. This will keep the heat longer in the curl and make the curl last very long.

9. Hold the rod right

voluminous curls

If you want loose curls, hold the rod vertically. If you want tighter curls, hold the rod horizontally.

10. Voluminous look is easy to achieve

loose wavy curls

To achieve a voluminous look, curl your hair in a direction away from the face. This means, twist your hair in a clockwise direction on the right side and in anti-clockwise direction on the left side. Also, keep the clamp facing front for effortless curling.

11. Dry your curl well

Various drying methods can give different looking curls. If you want a natural look, air dry and then curl your hair. For a voluminous look, blow dry and then curl. For a sleeker look, straighten and then curl your hair.

12. The upside-down rule

Try turning the wand upside down while curling. This will result in the hair at the roots being wrapped at the larger diameter end. Keep the wand away from the face and behind the head.

Every tiny change while curling can result in a different look. Do share your personal favourites. 🙂

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