12 Foolproof Makeup Tips for Monsoons

Hi ladies,

Monsoon has started to show its face here in Delhi. Let’s talk about some makeup tips that will help keep your makeup in place this season.

12 Foolproof Makeup Tips for Monsoons

Keep everything light

The humidity in the air and sudden downpours are not an ideal situation to go with a full face of makeup. So keep your makeup light during monsoons and let your skin breathe. Less is more during monsoons.

Go for cream blushes

powder blushers for monsoon

Instead of using powder blushes, you can use cream blushes during monsoons. If you want some extra color then apply a layer of powder blush over the cream blush so that it lasts longer and stays on for much longer on your cheeks to give a healthy glow to your face.

Primer up

It is a good idea to keep your makeup base light so that your skin can breathe and does not sweat too much. A primer will help your make-up stay in place, will act as a natural shield for dust, water and debris, and also help reduce perspiration through the pores.

Go for tinted moisturizers

Tinted moisturiser for monsoon

Opt for lightweight tinted moisturizers instead of heavy duty foundations this monsoon. A thin coat of tinted moisturizer works much better and lasts far longer than regular a foundation.

Don’t forget the SPF

Just because you know that it is going to rain, doesn’t give you the privilege to skip your sunscreen. Repeat after me, sunscreen is needed all 365 days.

Opt For waterproof mascara

Running mascara spells doom in rainy season. It will give you raccoon eyes and will look really unflattering. Opt for stronger water-proof formulas of mascara for perfectly lengthened and volumized lashes.

Don’t compromise on lipstick quality

waterproof lipsticks for monsoons

An average quality lipstick will not survive the monsoon spell. You will anyway be going light on your makeup so the best you can do is go for a lipstick that is of good quality and is tried and tested to get you through downpours like a breeze. Stick to matte lippies as glossy lippies will spread around your mouth because of excess humidity.

Eyebrow pencils and not brow powders

eyebrow pencil monsoon season

Brow powder might not stay in place but pencils have a creamy texture and they will stick on the skin better even if your sweat or get wet in the rain. Do not forget to set it with a brow gel to increase its longevity.

No to liquid eyeliners

They are a complete NO in this monsoon season. Gel or cream eyeliners are the best bet. Gel eyeliners will stay for longer intervals and won’t fade.

Pamper your skin

Monsoon is the worst time for skin as it a breeding ground for breakouts and pimples. So try to incorporate anti-acne formulas and anti-acne face packs to nourish your skin. You can also go for neem based products.

Clean your makeup brushes

clean makeup brushes

There is humidity in air which can wreak havoc on the hygiene factor of your makeup brushes. So try to wash them well with a mild detergent and give them some time to dry completely.

Seal your look with a make-up setting spray

A makeup setting spray will ensure that whatever makeup you have applied on your face will stay in place. So invest in a good one to get you through the day without any hassles.

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