14 Qualities Men Seek in Their Girlfriends

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My all posts these days revolve around relationships. Hope you guys like this too. My today’s post is about some special qualities or traits that most men want in their girlfriends. Obviously you should not change yourself drastically simply for a guy, but you can easily keep some little things in mind to make him happier and the relationship better.

14 Qualities Men Seek in Their Girlfriends

1. Almost all men want their girlfriends to look good look. Whether it has been 7-8 years of your relationship or just 7-8 days, he would always want you to stay fit, healthy and have a great overall personality.

2. You need to be a good listener. Usually girls love to talk and refuse to listen. This irritates men the most. Men love girls who show enthusiasm for their important stuff.

couple snorkeling3. If you want your guy to try out your favorite things and hobbies, then you need to try out his favorites too! It will build your relation stronger.

4. Your mysterious and suspicious nature is not something men usually admire. They need their girlfriends to trust them completely.

5. Never lose your own self in a relationship. I know many people do change themselves for their guy but trust me this is the worst you are doing to yourself. Men like girls who have their own identity.

girl laughing6. Some men like their girlfriends to have an amazing sense of humour. They believe if a girl can share a laugh with them, she is worth spending life with.

7. Great girlfriends don’t nag or hassle or argue over simple issues all the time. So do not waste your time doing so as this may turn him off.

couple cooking8. ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,’ this holds really important here. They don’t want you to be a masterchef, but yes tasty food is all they need.

9. Some men don’t really want to be your girlfriend. I mean they don’t like you talking about your friends’ drama or makeup issues or celebrity gossip! So keep in mind your guy’s interests.

10. Do not rush in a relationship. Men like to take things easy and steady and your hurried nature can give them a panic attack.

friends11. No men would want you to flirt or overindulge with their guy friends. Obviously they want you to get along with them but hold your dignity in the circle too.

12. Don’t try to be his mother! Do not try to change his little habits or try to teach him little things like how to talk and eat. But obviously don’t let him go in the wrong direction.

13. One trait that men really like in a woman is their ability to be non-interfering; they very much need their space and love it to the core!

girl with an elder lady14. Respect his family and friends and he would do the same for you. Do not ever drag his parents or friends in your silly fights.

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