How To Apply Rave Makeup

How To Apply Rave Makeup

If raves happen to be all about music, fun and bizarre styles and fashion statements, how can rave makeup be something commonplace and ordinary? The popularity of raves started in the 1990’s and they are still in vogue. With lights in abundance and partying throughout the night, raves do call or some special attention to what you wear and how you apply makeup on your skin. Want to find out more about rave makeup and costume ideas? Keep reading!

How To Apply Rave Makeup

Rave Makeup Must Haves:

Definitely, you don’t need to hit the parlour for getting the rave makeup done. You can do it very well, all by yourself. Pick the brands that suit you best. You would require concealer, face primer, powder foundation, blush, eye primer, eye shadow, eyebrow powder, eyeliner or glitter liner, mascara, lip primer, lipstick and some dazzling lip gloss! Pick your makeup in brighter shades. Raves need a variety of colors! If you want, you can also lay your hands on some decent body glitter, faux eye lashes and stickers. If possible, invest in makeup that is waterproof and which doesn’t incite sweating.

How To Apply Rave Makeup – The Basic Guidelines:

As you all know, raves are all about having fun. Make sure that your makeup too coveys the same kind of idea. Actually, the main aim of a rave makeup is to give yourself a fun look, which is crazy to look at but absolutely comfortable to carry!

Here is how you should go about:

  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser. You may even like to go for a bit of mild exfoliation.
  • Use your brush or alternatively, your fingertips for the face primer to be applied.
  • If you have blemishes glaring on the skin, apply concealer.
  • Now, apply the foundation evenly. Be liberal on the areas which are more prone to perspiration.
  • Sweep some blush on your cheeks, the apples of your cheeks. Use a feathery blush brush for the purpose.

How To Apply Rave Makeup

  • Now, it is time to focus on the eyes. Begin with the eye primer and an eye shadow of your choice. Bright colors like green, blue, purple or orange would look great for eye shadows. Blend it in your eye lids.
  • Apply the eye liner. As far as the eyeliner is concerned, you may choose to go for warm colors as well as for cool shades. While there is no harm in using black liner, you can definitely love to accentuate your looks by going for electric blue or glittery green. Go for a winged look or cat eyes.
  • You may love to experiment with colors. Stick to your comfort zone. You may like to keep the color scheme monochromatic while others may love something as outrageous as yellow just beneath the eye brows, green for the lids and blue for the liners.
  • Try to give your eyes a smokey effect, even when you step out of the usual black and grey shades.
  • Load your lashes with mascara. For a funkier look, you may love to wear some colored fake lashes.
  • Now, it is time to concentrate on lips. Apply the lip primer and then apply the lipstick you want. Sweep some shiny lip gloss for a stunning effect. Pinks, purples and reds would be wonderful for your lips. However, if you have overdone your eyes with all those crazy colors, just stick to some nude gloss for your lips.
  • If you want to use those stickers or adhesive glitters you have laid your hands upon, its time to use them the way you want! Say on the outer corners or your eyes or whatever you feel is going to be great.

How To Apply Rave Makeup

How To Apply Rave Makeup – Tips

With the DJs and spectacular neon lights doing their wild best, here are a few tips you could keep in mind while you are all ready to dance throughout the night:

  • Foundations tend to keep your makeup intact. You may want to choose mineral powder foundation for the purpose. Try to find some sweat-proof loose powder if you cannot lay your hands on suitable foundation for skin.
  • The eyeliner you apply should be waterproof to ensure it doesn’t smudge night long.
  • Waterproof mascara is what you should aim at for better staying power. It is best if you could wear fake lashes with colored tips instead of mascara.
  • Rave makeup isn’t complete without a hint of glitter. Make sure you incorporate it in the forms that suit your looks best.
  • Keep your hair off the face to be more comfortable while you dance. You may love to tie your hair in a stylish way and put some wax or styling gel to keep it in place. Use pins and clips so long as it does not mar your style.

And then you are all set to rock the dance floor – Happy Dancing!!

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