5 Must-Have Hair Brushes and How to Best Use Them

There are so many different hair brushes that we barely know about. Knowing about different hair brushes is essential for every woman. There are so many brushes we might be using in the wrong manner. So, I thought I should list everything down for all the ladies.

5 Different Types of Hair Brushes and How to Best Use Them

1. Paddle Hair Brush

paddle brush

This is one of the most essential brushes that every woman should have in her collection. It is used for detangling hair and straightening out the roots. If you get tangled hair often, then you need this brush in different sizes so that one can fit into your purse too. Paddle hair brushes are usually large, wide and flat.

2. Round Hair Brush

round brush

A radical or round hair brush has bristles all around it. It looks like a roller or hair curler. This brush is highly used for blow drying and for soft curls too. You will spot this brush in every parlour and salon without fail. They are usually quite big and have a cylindrical look to them. They are made with nylon bristles and can be used for creating quick inwards curls to the hair. If you do not want to use heavy heating tools on your hair, then you can use a hairspray and this brush for soft curls.

3. Wide Tooth Comb

wide toothed comb

This is that comb which is found in every household. Every girl should have a wide tooth comb in her vanity as this comb is useful for removing knots from the hair and also for taming that frizz. If you have thick or curly hair then you should use the wider tooth comb. You can easily find it in the market.

4. Teasing Brush/Comb

teasing comb

You can have either in one of these in your vanity and you are good to go. A teasing brush or comb is usually thin with less bristles or teeth. It has a pointed long tail which is helpful for getting precise sections of the hair and for also getting the right hairline. You should also use this brush for back combing.

5. Smoothing Brush

smoothing brush

The smoothing brush is basically a paddle brush but in oval shape and has a cushion near the bristles. This helps thin and fine hair to smooth out better and this brush is great for everyday use as it massages the scalp too. You can use this brush for blow outs too if you do not have any other brush in your vanity.

There are tons of sizes and materials in which you can find combs/brushes in the market. Make sure you have these few in your vanity without fail.

Some Hair Brush Tips :

• Make sure you always clean the brushes post using them. If you suffer from hair fall, then use your fingers to remove the leftover hair on the brush to keep it clean. Besides this, every weekend clean the brushes thoroughly.
• If you see dust on your brushes, then clean them and use them. Don’t let the dust get into your hair at all.
• You can always use warm water and shampoo to sanitize your hair brushes. Make sure the shampoo is mild like baby shampoo or you can use a hair brush cleaner too.

I hope this article helped you out. Thank you for reading.

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