5 Tips to Mentally Prepare Yourself for Braces!

By Anshu Bhatia

Hi lovelies!
This is my first article on IMBB and I thought why not start with something I am really going through at the moment. Yup, it’s the ‘B’ word. Hell yeah!! I got braces. The traditional ones. After two years of several times made and then canceled appointments, making up and breaking down of my thoughts and everything an adult goes through while taking the plunge for braces, I went through all of that. I am 23; I am a copywriter at a radio station and honestly I have to talk a lot every day. I realized my teeth are nice but not PERFECT. I was not shooting for the toothpaste ads ‘perfect’ but I definitely wanted to land for teeth which could make me feel more confident when I smiled. Here are some tips which helped me and might help you if you’re someone who is not able to make up mind for braces and achieve that perfect set of pearly white teeth you always wished for secretly.

5 Tips to Mentally Prepare Yourself for Braces

1. Do some research on internet

We all have this giant store of information about everything – the internet. For information about braces I first went to official sites of Colgate, Oral B etc, and also, Archwired (an honourable mention); they helped me a lot in understanding what are braces, the types of braces, the average period for these types, pros/cons and other trivia. The questions I felt uncomfortable about asking to my dentist and orthodontist were answered here on these websites. It gave me a clear insight into the whole journey of braces.

2. Talk to someone who has/had braces

What could be better than that? A one-on-one candid conversation with your cousin, friend, colleague or an old classmate can help. Sit over a cup of coffee and ask about their experiences of dental braces. It will help you with the information and will make you a tad bit strong for braces, as you would have someone to relate to and bond over during your journey of braces. Look at their new beautiful smile; you will definitely feel inspired to get braces. It helped me 100%.

3. Look for the best-rated dentists and orthodontists in your city

Okay, you feel motivated now. The search or I must say the hunt begins. Turn on your ninja mode and make a list of dental service providers in your city. Orthodontists are the ones who specialize in braces. They fix crooked teeth, mend bites (over bite, under bite, cross bites etc). Dentist and orthodontist must be available at the same place. Their works go side by side when you get braces. I got mine at the same place. It’s important you feel comfortable in sharing all your issues before the treatment begins. That’s why I said “Look for the best-rated dentists and orthodontists in your city” and then settle for ONE. I really said it out loud in my heart, “Go girl! They are the ones, your angels”. LOL.
Be vocal with them, both of them the dentist and the orthodontist must be patient listeners and good at making you understand everything about your teeth and the braces treatment best suited for you.

4. Choose your braces

Different types of braces
Choose your brace buddy according to three things: first what your orthodontist recommends, second what’s your budget and third how much time you would like to invest in the treatment. The average duration is 12 months that makes a year. There are different types of braces: the traditional metal ones, lingual braces which are invisible as they are put behind your teeth, Invisalign and damon braces. You can Google them for reference. Your orthodontist will suggest you what is going to suit you the best. For example, Damon ones are self-ligating which take less time to show more result as compared to traditional metal brackets. Invisalign is a rage among adults; they are extremely expensive but a great option for those who are conscious about their looks after wearing braces.
You might have to go through extractions. I need to get 4 extractions to get the result I want.

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5. Start treatment and look beyond

After all the research and hard work in searching best dental doctors and settling for the apt braces, your treatment starts.
Here’s my experience. In the first appointment, scaling (a cleaning process) was done which is like deep cleansing for teeth. In second, the molds of my teeth were taken using bubblegum flavored thing; it was a little uncomfortable but not painful. In third, I got my braces. My orthodontist was some magician or what! She did it all in just 30 minutes for my upper teeth. It came as a surprise to me that my braces were and are little or almost not visible when I talk. Wowzer! They show up like naughty kids when I laugh.
I was given pain killers but I haven’t taken them even once. The pain or I must say a little discomfort is pretty much bearable. I was prescribed a special orthodontic tooth brush which specializes in going into every nook and cranny of teeth with braces. Thorough cleaning is the key to a happy mouth. I also got a gel for soothing ulcers if they happen. Thank you almighty, I haven’t got any. Yay!!
perfect smile
So in a nutshell, the braces thing is amazing. I am looking forward to my perfect smile. Besides that extra effort in keeping my teeth clean, purchasing mouth washes and a monthly visit to my dentist, I have got nothing to worry about. Yes I am on soft foods, juices, soups and everything sticky has vanished from my plate but I am happy. In fact I am feeling even more confident because I gathered it all and put some effort for myself. It feels great. I hope this article will help everyone and anyone who has this braces thing popping up in the minds.

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6 thoughts on “5 Tips to Mentally Prepare Yourself for Braces!

  1. Welcome to IMBB Anshu 🙂
    That’s a very well written and informative post. I don’t have that perfect smile, but I was always so petrified of braces that I could never go for them!
    I am sure it will help a lot of us and clear many doubts.

    1. Hi Monika 🙂
      Thanks for the warm welcome. I just poured out my heart . Braces are an investment of lifetime and a consultation never hurts. Afterall who wants to smile with lips clenched in every single picture, I do that but I wont anymore 🙂
      P.s. Being a part of IMBB is now inspiring me even more. THANKS IMBB TEAM <3

  2. I’ve been putting off this braces thing since eternity! Your post has helped me a lot. But seriously I’m hell scared about extractions. I’ve got one done and it hurt so bad! Which doc/hospital did you go to?

    1. I am from Jalandhar , Punjab. I went Varma Dental Clinic. This dentist did a complicated extraction and RCT of mine with such an ease (totally painless :O :O though everyone scared me to death) that when I thought about braces I had to choose him . The orthodontist lady in his clinic is also an expert. They are always warm and ready to listen to me.
      The only thing counts is their experience which makes everything easy peasy for the patients.
      I am so glad this post helped you. Looking forward to write more.

  3. hey anshu thanku for motivating n demotivating me … now I surely will get the courage to visit my orthodontist … but I guess I will have to reach out for a better one … bdw how is your journey with the braces going … for how much time u have got them .. any improvements as such .. plz update

  4. Hi Nazima 🙂
    I definitely dint wanna demotivate 🙁
    well i am perfectly daa-daa-doooo with my braces dear, I hardly feel them .
    I was told 1 year , rest it varies from person to person .
    Improvements are not quite visible yet. I just feel a pressure all the time which indicates it working.
    I am thinking I should make a time lapse video . Should I ?
    I am getting braces on bottom teeth as well on 9th april. Wish me luck.

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