6 Lipstick Tricks to Fake Brighter Teeth

Often some lipsticks become our best friends, because they brighten up our look, and make our teeth look whiter. Such lipsticks are our go to shades, for they perk up our outfits and give us a dazzling smile. In this post, I will tell you how to choose lipstick shades which make our teeth look whiter.

lipstick white teeth

1. Stay away from yellow orange undertones:

Yellow or orange undertones accentuate any yellowish stain or dullness in your teeth, that’s the color wheel law. They bring unwanted attention to your teeth, and make it difficult to pull off the illusion of whiter teeth. So if your aim is to smile brightly, avoid yellow, orange or coral lipsticks.

2. Cool toned colors help:

Cool toned colors or those with a blue undertone fake a radiant smile. The cancel out the yellowish tones as blue is opposite to yellow in the color wheel. Instead of choosing orangey reds, opt for blue based reds or pinks.

3. Texture tells:

white teeth

Matte lipsticks are not the greatest friends of teeth. Glossy lipsticks on the other hand, reflect light giving a shine to your lips and making your smile appear radiant. Also avoid frosted lipsticks which look obsolete and absolutely make your teeth look yellow.

4. Need for right nude:

nude lips

Choose nude lipsticks with care. Since they are closer to your skin tone, they have a chance of highlighting of your not-so-white teeth. Instead of going for brown or peach based nudes, try nudes with pinkish undertones which look pretty and showcase whiter teeth.

5. Choose darker colors with care:

It might be tricky to use darker lipsticks, if you don’t have dazzling white teeth. But that doesn’t necessarily stop you from using them. Just choose the darker lip colors with care. If you want to smile wide, let deep colors like berry, plum and cool dark red do the talking.

6. Avoid brown lipstick:

I know many women who feel comfortable in brown lipstick for daily wear. But do you know, browns tend to highlight yellow hues or any stains on your teeth. Plus they also add years to your mouth, making your smile appear dull. So unless you have glistening teeth and a warm complexion, try to avoid browns.

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  1. Woah! That’s actually informative and will help in choosing the best shade. I mostly stay away from orange shades; they definitely makes my lips look not-so-good.

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