How to Get a Perfect White Smile

What makes any person look more beautiful is their smile! Smiling instantly brightens up your face and the environment around you. Healthy and white teeth can make your smile look even better! So toady I’m going to cover a topic that could help you get a whiter, brighter and healthier smile!

There are many teeth whitening methods available, some clinical and some natural. It’s really important to choose the right method to get the desired results and avoid any harm to your teeth.


Clinical Methods:
There are many products like rinses, gels, etc., available at the stores which are easy to use but can’t guarantee the result. And if we choose to go for some dental procedures, they might give results but are highly expensive.

However, if we can get better results by natural methods, why to go that route at all!! Below are some quick and simple tips that can make your teeth whiter:-

Brush, Brush and Brush! : This is the most important and the most basic method. I know we all brush our teeth in the morning and some do before going to the bed as well. But, what makes it effective is not the duration but the right method and angle of brushing, so that you don’t damage the enamel and get rid of all the stains, plaque and bacteria out of your mouth! Healthier teeth straight away lead to the whiter teeth.


Only 2 minutes of brushing is enough but make sure you brush through each nook and corner of your teeth, also don’t ignore the backside of the teeth. While brushing use an angle of 45 degrees in a circular motion. It should not be up and down or side to side, but a circular motion. Hold your brush at a 45 degree angle and then start brushing in a circular motion. Also, use a light hand on your teeth, a heavy hand can damage the teeth enamel and gums.

Floss: Floss is such an important step that we usually skip. The stains and discoloration between teeth can be removed by floss and they instantly look whiter! This should be done at least once a day!


Fruits and Vegetables: “An apple a day, keeps dentist away”. This hasn’t been said for nothing! Not only apple but many fruits and vegetables like pear, cucumber, carrots, radish, etc., that are crunchy and crispy and have loads of fiber act as a natural tooth brush for your teeth, removing the stain and keeping the teeth and gums safe!

Crunchy Fruits and vegetables

Citrus fruits are also called as natural bleach agents. Eating fruits like oranges, Kinnoo, Pineapple, Grapes, guava, grapefruit and even lemon can do wonders for your teeth. These fruits are loaded with vitamin C and stimulate the secretion of saliva which in return removes all the teeth stains! Tip: Rinsing with a mixture of half a lemon juice and half water also helps whiten the teeth! However, it should not be done more than twice a week, as lemon being too acidic might damage the teeth enamel.

Dairy products: Milk, yoghurt and cheese are very good for your teeth health since they are loaded with Calcium and Vitamin D both being the key ingredient for teeth and jaw bone health. Hard cheese like cheddar, also act as a natural abrasive and clean your teeth and also remove any food particle remaining.

Dairy products

Water: Drink loads of water as it’s a natural cleanser. Especially after having any dessert, juice, chocolate or anything that tends to remain on your teeth for a longer time, needs to be washed away by water. Having juice using a straw can prevent direct contact with sugar and fruit acids and hence can prevent staining or discoloration of your teeth. Make a routine of having at least one glass full of water before going to bed, rinsing your mouth from each direction.


Teeth discoloration happens because of the bacteria that grow on the food articles or stains stuck on your teeth. No stain, no bacteria; no bacteria, no discoloration. 😀

If the above tips are followed religiously, you will certainly see a difference in a few weeks. The change won’t come overnight, but it will surely come! I have always used the above pointers throughout and will be following them in future too.

Hope you guys like this article and it’s helpful for you. I will be back with another one very soon! Stay happy, beautiful and enjoy life!! 😀

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10 thoughts on “How to Get a Perfect White Smile

  1. Wow. . .thnx dear. . .i was abt to post a query 4 d same. . .bt i hv a qustn my teeth are nt proper means one teeth of frnt lies abve othr. .so wht should i do to hv white shining smile?

    1. In my previous lipstick review, there was one of my pic with a smile, If you notice even i have a tooth which overlaps a little on another one, for that i always make sure that i use my brush in an outward motion to remove anything stuck in that little space between the overlapped tooth. Else eating crunchy fruits and veggies will automatically take care of that. Just brush carefully, don’t use too much force just a light clean up will be fine.
      Hope this helps and thanks a lot for linking the article, I’m glad its helpful for you!!!! 😀

  2. Hi thnx for ths post will start using floss but wud like to add never use tooth picker on ur teeth as it makes hole like it made in my case…:(

  3. Great tips Shaily! Flossing is so important for dental hygiene but most people just ignore it. Also, I use a paste of strawberries to brush my teeth sometimes which whitens teeth a lot, though it shouldn’t be done too often.

    1. Thank you!! And yes I agree with you!! Strawberry being a citrus fruit acts as a natural bleaching agent and being acidic in nature just like lemon shd not be used too often and its even better if you just eat strawberries coz it then act as a natural abrasive for your teeth and being rich in antioxidants will make you look younger!! 😀 ;D

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