5 Ways to Bleach Your Hair with Simple Kitchen Ingredients

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How are doing today? Are you enjoying my articles? Well, today I would be talking about how to bleach your hair at home using natural ingredients. Many women love to bleach their hair but chemical bleach tends to damage our hair. Well, you can surely opt for homemade hair lightening recipes to lighten the color of your hair without damaging it. Read more to find out how!





Cinnamon is an excellent product that helps to lighten your hair naturally and also makes your hair smell great. Take some cinnamon powder and mix it with your shampoo. Now apply this mixture on your tresses. Make sure you apply double coat so that your tresses get natural brown color from the cinnamon. Apply evenly and cover your hair with a shower cap. Now leave this mixture overnight and rinse off in the morning.



Lemon is not only useful for health and skin, but it also bleaches your hair perfectly. Mix two parts of lemon juice with one part of water and sprinkle it on your hair. Now take a sun bath for at least 4-5 hours. This method is excellent if you wish to lighten the color of your hair. You will notice the difference in a week. This method will also keep your hair healthy and strong.

Chamomile Tea


Chamomile tea is not only helpful for weight loss but it is a great product to be used for hair lightening treatment. Chamomile tea helps to lighten the color pigment of the hair and gives you the desired color. Take some chamomile tea and brew it for some time. Now add the solution to a conditioner and mix both the ingredients well. Make sure you brew the tea at least for 15-20 minutes so that the exact brown color is obtained. After washing hair with a shampoo, apply this mixture and wash off after 30 minutes. You can see the results after 3 weeks of regular application.

Honey and Vinegar


The combo of honey and vinegar works as an excellent treatment to bleach your hair. It nourishes your hair, strengthens the tresses and also bleaches it equally. Take two cups of vinegar and one cup of honey. Add one spoon of cinnamon powder and one spoon of olive oil. Mix all the ingredients together. Now use a flat comb to apply the solution equally.

Henna Powder


Heena powder proves to be an excellent hair conditioning agent. It helps nourish your scalp properly. Take equal amounts of chamomile powder and henna powder and make a paste. Now add it to boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Allow the mixture to cool down and apply on your damp hair. Now comb your hair with a flat brush so that the solution is applied evenly on the hair strands. Wear a plastic cap after application and wash off. Follow up with a conditioner.

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