6 Best Ways to Brighten Your Eyes and Get Rid of Dark Circles at the Earliest!

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Waking up with tired puffy eyes can be an awful sign of stress and lack of sleep. To get rid of dark circles, the best method is to sleep on time and have a consistent sleep schedule. However, if you’re short on time and you need a quick fix, these are your best viable options! From home remedies to clinical treatments, the list caters to everyone’s needs.

6 Best Ways To Brighten Your Eyes and Get Rid of Dark Circles at the Earliest1

1. Used green tea bags
6 Best Ways To Brighten Your Eyes and Get Rid of Dark Circles at the Earliest2

For this method, all you need are two used green tea bags and 15 minutes. After using the tea bags, you’ll want to place them in the freezer for a few minutes so that they’re nice and cold but not too cold that your skin won’t be able to handle it. After they’re cold enough, put them directly onto your eyes and leave them on for 15 minutes. After removing the green tea bags, you’ll notice that the skin around your eye is much tighter and smoother as well as a lot less dark and puffy. This is my go-to quick fix because it’s so easy and it forces me to down a cup of green tea.

2. Cucumbers slices
They are a great option if you don’t have tea bags. For this method, you should slice up cucumbers to maybe 1/4th of an inch. Place the cucumber slices over the dark circles as well as your eyes. The cooling effect from the cucumber will fight off puffiness in an instant.

3. Almond oil

almond oil in a glass bottle with whole nuts

This is another great home remedy for dark circles. It’s a great moisturizer and will give skin cells the boost they need. For this method, dab a drop of almond oil under each dark circle and gently massage it into your skin. This method takes a bit longer than green tea bags and cucumbers, but is a great overnight kind of fix.

4. Retinol creams
They aren’t a quick fix but if your dark circles come from a more underlying cause like lifestyle habits such as smoking and lack of sleep, it’s best to use retinol creams to control and reverse the aging factor. Also, when paired with natural remedies, this works really well over time. Retinol creams don’t work overnight and must be used daily to see results.

5. A light chemical peel
I prefer natural remedies for anything on my face but I’ve heard chemical peels can do wonders. Glycolic and AHA peels are the best for the area around your eyes. These peels will gently exfoliate your top most layer of skin getting rid of dark circles.

6. An intense pulse treatment.
This treatment uses high-energy light waves to destroy the fat deposits under your eyes, which evens out your skin and makes it smoother. This is the most effective treatment but it’s very expensive and may require several sessions to achieve the look you want.

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