6 Reasons Why Your Hair Isn’t Growing the Way It Should!

Hair care is as important as skincare and body care. Sometimes, a lot of us just miss out on taking proper care of our hair and after few years, we start to see the damages. We all want perfect, long hair but there are certain reasons why sometimes your hair doesn’t grow properly and the way it should. Here are some of them.

6 Reasons Why Your Hair Isn’t Growing the Way It Should!

1. Not enough trimming – Split ends is a major reason that can restrict hair growth. If you are not going for trims every 6 months, then you are spoiling the growth of your hair. Also, sometimes when we have haircuts like layers or steps, we only trim the long portion and not the short part. This too can give you uneven hair growth. Make sure you remove all the split ends when you go for your next trim. If you have good hair growth, then you should go for a trimming session after every 3 months. Personally, I go for trims after every 6 months and it has been working out pretty good for me.

hair trim

2. Hot tools – Are you using too many hot tools on a regular basis? If yes, then you are not doing any good for your hair. Occasionally using hot tools like straighteners, curling iron, etc. is completely fine but if you use them every day, then you need to take extra care of your hair. By heating your hair often, you are damaging the natural growth and shine of your hair. This is yet another reason why your hair is not growing properly.

3. Too many chemicals – If you often change your hair colour or get chemical treatments like permanent straightening or perming often, then you are troubling your hair. Also, using harsh chemicals on the hair like high chemical-based dry shampoos, conditioners, serums, frizz control sprays, etc. can too mess up with the natural growth of your hair. Make sure you use all these things in a limit.

chemically treated hair

4. Vitamin deficiency/ medical condition – You might not know it but if your hair is falling, not growing at all, not growing in sync or breaking too often, you could be lacking vitamins in your body. A proper fruit and vegetable packed diet is recommended for those who want healthy hair. Other than this, certain medical conditions like thyroid, scalp infections, etc. can trouble the growth of your hair. Make sure you diagnose yourself if you see such signs, to be on the safe side. Little signs can sometimes be indications to a medical condition you might have had for months. Pay attention to little details to maintain the health of your tresses.

5. Not taking enough care – Shampooing and conditioning are not everything you need to do for your lovely hair. You need to pamper it with hair masks, massages and good combing. For example, a tiny thing like not combing your hair regular can also damage it. Combing spreads all the oils evenly which helps in stimulating proper hair growth.


6. Too much stress/pills – Certain medicines or pills can interrupt your haircare routine. If your hair is not growing at all or unevenly, then make sure you check your pills or talk to your doctor about it to see if any pill is affecting your hair. Too much stress is also a reason why your hair is unhappy!

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