6 Tips For Flawless Foundation Application – Dry Skin

6 Tips For Flawless Foundation Application – Dry Skin

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Some of us usually fret about our skin going dry during winters. If you have a similar skin type like I do, which has always been dry, the biggest concern would be flakey, dry and cakey foundation and most of the times, a moisturizing foundation doesn’t work. Here are a few tips that I personally have tried and it’s worked pretty well for me.


Add A Drop Facial Oil To Your Foundation

After squeezing out a dollop of foundation on your palm, just add a drop or two of facial oil to it, depending on the quantity of foundation you have taken.

Dry skin tends to look really dull and most dry skinned girls would try to achieve a dewy, moisturzied look and this combination works perfect for that. Your skin would appear dewy, moisturized and glowing.

6 Tips For Flawless Foundation Application For Dry Skin 2

Use A Moisturizing Sunscreen

A sunscreen is a must before applying foundation. But sometimes, even after applying moisturizer and sunscreen, the foundation still looks horribly cakey and the skin still looks dreadfully dry.

In such situations, a moisturizing sunscreen makes a huge difference and if you’re not into facial oils, this could be a lifesaver for you. My foundation looked just fine and my skin felt soft and supple.

The moisturized look doesn’t disappear through out the day and you’ll be pleasantly surprised that your skin will look beautiful for the entire day.

6 Tips For Flawless Foundation Application For Dry Skin 3

Use A Moisturizing Primer

A moisturizing primer will do it all for you. Your skin will look moisturized, soft, smooth and your foundation will last all day long.
If you’re planning to invest in a primer, go on. I encourage most people to invest in a primer and if you’re wondering why, I have written a post here which tells you all about primers and its importance.

6 Tips For Flawless Foundation Application For Dry Skin 4

Add Moisturizer Into Your Foundation

If you’re not that into facial oils, you can replace it with your moisturizer. Add a tiny, tiny dollop of moisturizer to your foundation and it gives the same effect as a facial oil would.

It leaves your skin hydrated and soft. Plus, it may thin out your foundation a little, making your foundation feel lighter on your skin.

6 Tips For Flawless Foundation Application For Dry Skin 5

Use A Facial Mist On Your Makeup Sponge/ Brush

We all know that, spraying on a facial mist before applying makeup, adds that extra moisture to the skin. But wetting your makeup sponge/brush with a facial mist can also help with foundation application. The application will be smooth and it will give a nice glowy finish to the skin.

If you don’t have a facial mist on hand, water works just fine too and you’ll have the same effect as that of a facial mist. Just squeeze out the excess water before applying your foundation.

6 Tips For Flawless Foundation Application For Dry Skin 6

Avoid Using Pressed Powder On The Whole Face

It’s okay to use pressed powder, but avoid using it over your whole face , because it’ll make dry skin look even dryer and flakier. Instead, only use it to set your concealer and areas that crease or smudge easily.

6 Tips For Flawless Foundation Application For Dry Skin 1

That’s all the tips I’ve got. Some might be just common sense or you may have heard or done it yourself already, but I just thought that there is no harm in sharing them anyway. I hope this is somewhat helpful and I’ll be writing more from now on.

Have a great day. 🙂


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  1. Wooow . Do you guys read minds . . . I was looking online for suggestion as to how to make my dry skin look flawless. . . And voila ,here u are . Impressed once again . Thanks a lot 🙂

  2. Nice post…i envy people with dry skin..:) i guess u can just play around ur skin with makeup in different seasons..me with super duper oily skin..

    1. Thank you Swetha. Oil-control papers and baby powder does great things for oily skin. Baby powder leaves the skin matt and soft without a white cast. 🙂

  3. Hey, This post has proven so helpful for my dry skin.
    Thank you so much

    Also,Can you please suggest the best foundation under 1000 for dry skin that offers medium-full coverage. I have been using Loreal True Match till now but want to change and try something new.Please help

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