6 Ways to Save Yourself from Festival Fat

I hope your lives are on a roller coaster ride with the excitement of having Holi just around the corner. Festivals tend to bring that crazy rise in the levels of happiness at homes and at work alike. This colourful festival fills out few of our days with the brightest of colours and happiest of moments. While we prepare the most delicious recipes and mouth watering dishes for the celebration time, one misses the effects of these good times on our health. On one side, the happiness of meeting your loved ones and playing colours with them makes us feel emotionally healthier, the pointer count of the weighing machine says a contrary story about the physical health. So ladies, here are quick ways of saving yourself from the festival fat!

1. Baked vs Fried

With the fragrance of ghujiyas filling our homes, it becomes an impossible task to keep our hands off them. While the kids start munching on them pretty early, we adults try our best at keeping them off our plates but not for longer. There is no point in not enjoying the characteristic joys of a festival. So here is a quick list to save you those extra kilos:
• Opt for baked ghujiyas, they are a thing these days
• It is wise to choose ghujiyas which are not dipped in sugar syrup for long
• Consume them fresh
• Try to pick smaller size ghujiyas; it will save you from over-consuming

2. Sharbats vs Mojitos

As the summer has already kicked in we all crave for the cool drinks. The festival of Holi is considered incomplete without thandai and sharbats. It makes us consume a sudden shot of dairy products without keeping a check on quantity. This is what you can do about it:
• Since thandai/ sharbats have milk as their base, keep a check on the quantity you take
• Try to avoid sharbats which are too sweet
• Pick water-based sharbats
• Use small glasses while taking the sharbats/thandai; it helps you consume it less
• Pick healthier alternatives like lemonade or mojitos instead of sugar-laden soft drinks

3. One at a Time!

It takes a superhuman ability to say NO to the delicious servings of this festival. Whether it is about the sweetness of ghujias and kheer or relishing super crispy snacks, it is hard to fight the temptation of not taking ‘just one more’. Here is a quick list that can help you:
• Pick one of each variety at a time
• Eat in small plates; it helps your plate look fuller and you consume less
• Drink water before you start eating
• Do not push your limits for taste buds

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4. Ice Creams!

As the summer kicks in, the ice creams start occupying a larger space in our days and hearts too. With the fervour of Holi at its peak, it is quite popular to eat ice creams after you are done playing. It is preferred by a lot of people as a dessert, too. But here is the thing with ice creams, a scoop disguises more calories than you can imagine! Here are a few quick tips that can save you from over-consuming them without having to shun the yumminess:
• Eat ice creams with low sugar waffles as it makes you feel full even with a small quantity
• Go for smaller cones while eating softy
• Opt for smaller scoops of ice cream while scooping out from the tub
• Mix it with low sugar dry cakes
• Adding freshly cut fruits to it helps in controlling consumption

5. Avoid Alcohol

As drinking beers and opening champagne have become an inseparable tradition of today, the festive mood makes it hard to keep a check on the quantity consumed. This not only results in the bloated tummy but also affects digestion. Here is what you can do:
• Opt for mocktails instead of cocktails
• Do not opt for additional sugary servings
• Use smaller wine glasses to serve
• Mix larger quantities of water

6. Chocolates – One or Many?

Festivals brings in boxes full of chocolates of multiple flavours. It is such a popular tradition these days to send them as gifts, take them along when you visit someone or get them as a return gift. But it brings not only the happiness but also a shot of sugar and calories. Here are a few tips to manage calories while enjoying the flavour:
• Pick smaller packaging of chocolates while eating
• Cut the bigger bars in small cubes, eat only one at a time and store the rest
• Eat them after the meal
• Do not consume them on an empty stomach
• Avoid making them midnight munchies

So all the beautiful ladies, this holi look gorgeous, play safe, eat good. And if you end up not following some of this advice, try to balance and worry not. After all, bura na maano holi hai!

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