Valentine’s Day Special – Healthy Mocktails

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So most of us are already planning surprises for our loved ones. Even though we love our husbands/boyfriends every day, Valentine’s Day is extra special to shower more love on this day! I usually love to have dinner at home than heading out as I can customize everything I cook to V day theme! No dinner is complete without a drink by your side, and if you are a non-alcoholic, your options always end up in fizz drinks, colas and fruit juices! Being a big mocktail lover, I am sharing my 5 favorites here so that you can also try them, and enjoy remembering you are drinking healthy!

Valentine's Day Special - Healthy Mocktails

Ice, ice baby: None of the mocktails are great without ice! And instead of using the plain old, boring ice, I have few tips for you to make your own customized ice:

juice ice cubes1. Layered ice
Ingredients: 3 fruit juices, each in different color. I use orange juice, raspberry juice and black currant juice.
Recipe: In an ice tray, pour the first colored juice to 1/3rd and freeze it. It takes around 30-45 min, now add the next colored drink on the top filling the next 1/3rd space; freeze it and next the 3rd colored drink to the rim and freeze it. And voila! You have your layered ice. As the ice cubes melt, they also add flavor to a drink!
You can even use heart-shaped cupcake molds.

filled ice cubes2. Hiding in ice: I love this when I make plain drinks like a mojito or a lemonade. You can opt for edible flowers or leaves like mint, thyme or can go for berries. Put the leaves/flowers in ice tray and pour water over them. Freeze and you have beautiful ice cubes ready!

These mocktails are healthy and you can always skip soda and sugar which adds to making love handles. They are also thirst-quenching and refresh you!

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1. Lemonade sangria

Ingredients: Luke warm water, lemons, honey, chopped fruits such as apple, pear, cherries, and pomegranate.
Recipe: Mix honey, lemon juice and lukewarm water well. Pour it in a pitcher and add the fruits on the top and another spoon of honey on the top and refrigerate it. Put a small stem of thyme or lavender and serve chilled!

watermelon coconut drink2. Watermelon coconut drink
Ingredients: 1 part watermelon puree, 1/4th part sweet lime juice, and coconut iced cubes made with ½ part coconut water
Recipe: Crush the coconut water ice cubes, watermelon puree and sweet lime juice in a shaker and shake vigorously and pour it into chilled wine/martini glasses. Garnish with a sweet lime wedge!

3. Tangy strawberry cool

Ingredients: 1 part lemonade (lemon + honey), 1 cup frozen strawberries, ½ frozen banana, and coconut water ice cubes crushed. Mint leaves for garnish.
Recipe: Blend all the ingredients; filter it for clear consistency or enjoy the thick drink!

peach tomato ale4. Peachy tomato ale!

Ingredients: ½ part cherry tomatoes, 1 part peach juice, 1 tsp grated ginger and 1 part ginger ale.
Recipe: Add all the ingredients in a juicer and strain it. Serve chilled.

5. Vegetable magic
Looking for a change in the fruity mocktails? Here is one with veggies.

Ingredients: Carrots, beetroot, 1 stalk celery, tomato, lemon juice, cucumber, pepper and Himalayan salt.
Recipe: Blend all the ingredients and serve in a tall glass.

As it is vegetable juice and looks boring, you can make heart-shaped ice cubes out of it and put them in a tall glass; the glass filled with red ice cubes look perfect!

Let me know if you have any more ideas that I can try this time!

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