7 Hard Truths about Weight Loss

By Priyanka Dixit

Hello everyone,

Today, again, we are going to talk about weight loss. Losing excess weight is quite a task for everyone. Every person these days is trying to achieve their goal weight but hectic lifestyle and high gym membership fee come in the way. Whether you are just starting with your weight loss journey or are on it for months now, here are 7 weight loss related facts that will hit you hard.

7 Hard Truths about Weight Loss

The first challenge is your own body

No doubt you are going to get engaged in physical activities like cardio etc but the first challenge is stopping your body from craving. Your body will keep craving for junk and sugar even when you’re engaged in physical activities on a daily basis. Once you become physically active, your body starts releasing various hormones that create confusion. You can become confused about whether you are full or craving something. So, it is important that you start focussing on your diet and control your cravings as much as you can. You can gradually overcome it. Don’t forget how drinking a lot of water can control your cravings.

No quick fix is going to work

Advertisements might tell you otherwise but there are no shortcuts to success when it comes to weight loss. There are no magic diets or pills that can burn your fat or decrease your weight. Slowly and steadily you need to make yourself healthy and fit. Rather than opting for losing the insane amount of weight per week, stick more to health and wellbeing in the initial phase of your weight loss journey.

Only your workouts cannot make you lose weight

woman weight training

Exercise keeps your mind and soul healthy. It also burns a lot of calories. But, can you really rely just on exercises and weight training when it comes to weight loss? Definitely not. Make sure you keep a count and track of all the calories and nutrition you intake and burn. This will help you achieve your overall goals faster.

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Are diet supplements necessary

Just because diet supplements are easily available doesn’t mean you should have them too. They might amp up your metabolism for some time but they cannot help you achieve health. Such supplements and fad diets just make you lose your water weight and you end up gaining more kgs in the near future.

Everyone is different, thus their foods should too

If a diet programme or certain foods worked for your friend, doesn’t mean they will work for you too. When deciding a diet, a lot of demographics need to be considered. Your size, weight, height, taste, blood group and lifestyle – everything needs to be considered. Also, not everything is going to be about your taste buds when you are trying to lose weight. You may consult a dietician or your workout trainer for a better and apt diet.

You cannot ignore weight training

Believe it or not, you cannot achieve the body of your dreams just with cardio and diet. A form of muscle building and weight training is necessary to lose excess weight and get a toned body. So, along with your usual cardio, start doing the sessions of strength training, pilates or even hot yoga. Believe me, you will start seeing better results in no time.

Men lose weight quicker than women

men and women working out at the gym
Yes, girls, time to get jealous of men. Men have the tendency to lose weight quicker because of their hormones and body types. They can naturally burn fat and lose weight quicker. So, don’t compare yourself to your partner if he loses weight quicker. Just stay motivated and keep going on with your routine.

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