7 Must-Have Products for the No-Makeup Makeup Look

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There are days when we just want to look naturally gorgeous. By that I mean, we do want to put on makeup but in a way that it turns out to be a ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. This look can also be created to send the “I woke up like this” selfie to your crush or BF. LOL, just kidding! Makeup is so wonderful and it allows us to create any look we want. From full glam of golden glittery eyes to cute natural beauty look for college or office – everything is possible with some staple items in your vanity. What are those hidden gems in your stash for that no-makeup makeup look? Please keep reading to find out.

7 Must-Have Products for the No-Makeup Makeup Look

1. A BB/CC cream with nice coverage

bb cream No Makeup Look

Even for a ‘no-makeup’ makeup look, you need a flawless base to begin with. And, for that, you need a light base. BB and CC creams are perfect for this job. They give you a nice coverage, cover up redness, even out your skin tone, and still keep the base very much like your skin. Apply your favourite BB or CC cream on your well cleansed, toned and moisturized face. Blend it well using your finger tips and don’t forget your neck. We often struggle in finding the perfect match in such creams because they always come in limited shades. So, you can always buy two shades, and then mix and match them to make a customized shade for yourself. Remember, you want to look natural, and not lighter or darker than your original skin tone. Set the cream with any compact or loose powder that exactly matches your skin tone.

2. Clear mascara

transparent mascara No Makeup Look
For those ‘naturally’ fluttery eyelashes, use a clear mascara. A clear mascara can also be used to set our eyebrow hairs in place if they have a tendency to imitate caterpillar legs. 😛 Clear mascara is a great rescuer for those who don’t want to wear waterproof mascara every day (of course, removing it is such a pain!). It won’t give you panda eyes if you sweat a lot. It lasts long even in humidity and you can always get away with more than two coats because it’s transparent. Do not forget to run a clean mascara spoolie through your lash hair to avoid any clumps.

3. A concealer

concealer No Makeup Look

A concealer, and an exact shade matching your skin tone, to be very precise! For a ‘no-makeup’ makeup look , you don’t go for visible highlighting using a lighter shade of concealer. But, you do need to cover up those acne scars, redness around nose, dark circles and more. For all this concealing, use a well-pigmented, skin-friendly concealer. Choose a formula that’s neither too runny nor too thick. Creasing is out of question with a ‘no-makeup’ makeup look, so grab the most favourite concealer of yours which doesn’t crease. Use just a dot, dab it on your target and blend it until it looks like your skin. Don’t layer it swiping a lot of product under your eyes as your objective is to lift those shadows and not to highlight.

4. A brown eyeliner

brown eyeliner No Makeup Look

A brown eyeliner is blessing because it has the ability to bring out the natural depth of your beautiful eyes. Line your eyes leaving the inner corners and smudge it using a very soft hand with a small smudge brush to keep the product close to your lash lines. However, if you are one die-hard black kohl girl, you can always tightline your eyes. If you think your eyes are not popping enough and that they’re looking small and tired, run a n*de eyeliner along your lower waterline and dab some on the inner corners to brighten them up.

5. A liquid highlighter

liquid highlighter No Makeup Look

‘No-makeup’ makeup look calls for a subtle glow from within. For that, go for a liquid highlighter which has no chunky glitters–no off-tones for your skin type (yellow base for warm skin tones and pink base for cool skin tones) and super blendable texture. Even with those qualities, you need to tone it down even more. So, take a pea-sized amount of both the highlighter and your favourite moisturizer (which must not leave a white cast). Mix them and use on the high points of your cheeks.

6. A liquid/cream blush

cream blush No Makeup Look

Though this is optional but if you feel that flush of colour is needed on those cheeks then go for a nice liquid or cream blush because one ultimate reason – these blushes look much more natural. And, that’s what we need for this look.

7. A MLBB lip colour

mlbb shade No Makeup Look

MLBB means “My-Lips-but-Better” and that’s the last step and product you need to complete your ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. We all keep our lipstick in our purse for after meal touch-ups, but still if you want better application, try to pair with a lipliner which again needs to be an MLBB shade types.

makeup products for dewy look

So now you know all that you need to rock the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. Whenever you want to cheat that natural beauty look (especially on a bad skin day), pick these items and bring out the gorgeousness with the power of makeup.

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